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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Halfway Through Synod: Vatikan Fakes Ignorance About Pachamama idol

en.news The wooden Pachamama statue, omnipresent at the Amazon synod, is “just a female statue representing life,” Paolo Ruffini, the Vatican Prefect of the Dicastery for Communications, tried to fool the public during the October 16 Synod press conference.

Ruffini promised "to get information" about the artist and the meaning of the topless idol looking exactly like any other statue of the Andean goddess Pachamama (pictured right).

As a "personal opinion," Ruffini said that “looking for pagan symbols in the statue is seeing evil where there is no evil.” Implicitly accusing the Vatican of ambiguity, he suggested that “some things in history have many interpretations.”

Father Giacomo Costa SJ claimed that he never saw the statue, but nevertheless interpreted it as an “indigenous woman who brings life and represents life”. The figure is “neither sacred nor pagan," he insisted.

But how do Ruffini and Costa explain the fact that the statue was adored with prostrations, honoured in St Peter’s with hymns, and carried in a procession to the Synod hall on the shoulders of "bishops" (video below)?

These Marxists contradict themselves and they do not know how to camouflage the worship of the pagan idol.

ACIPRENSA: REPAM sources told ACI Prensa that the image is not “Our Lady of the Amazon” as said on October 4 through the Vatican News YouTube channel in Portuguese, but another source from the same organization commented that at first it was not thought that way, but now some have begun to recognize it as a Marian advocation .

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