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Friday, November 22, 2019

St. Hildegard of Bingen O.S.B: Homosexuality is the Supreme Offense against God

The German abbess mystic explains how the devil declares war on God using men as a weapon of revenge against God to extinguish humanity through homosexuality which is the supreme offense against God; thus, achieving the self-destruction of man and persecution of the Church.

St. Hildegard von Bingen O.S.B (1098-1179), known as the "Sibyl of the Rhine" and as the "Teutonic prophetess", great mystic and intellectual of the XII century, who had revelations and prophetic visions, commenting on the Liber divinurom operum, Verse 6,8 of the Apocalypse, wrote:

“The ancient serpent enjoys with all the punishments with which man is punished in the soul and in the body. He, who has lost the heavenly glory, does not want any man to reach it. Indeed, as soon as he realized that the man had heard his advice, he began to project the war against God: 'Through man I will carry out my purposes.'

"In its hatred, the serpent has inspired men to hate each other and, with the same evil purpose, has induced them to kill one another.

“And the serpent said: 'I shall pour forth my breath in order to extinguish the line of the sons of men, and then men shall be kindled with passions for other men, commiting shameful acts.

“And the serpent, taking delight shouted, this is the supreme offense against the One who given man his body. That His image may be stamped out because man has avoided natural relations with women.

“It is the devil, then, who convinced them to become unfaithful ones and seductors, which prompted them to murder, becoming bandits and thieves, because the sin of homosexuality leads one to the most shameful violence and all vices. When all these sins have been manifested, then the validity of God’s law will be broken and the Church will be persecuted as a widow.”

Scivias is an illustrated work by Hildegard von Bingen, completed in 1151 or 1152, describing 26 religious visions she experienced.

78. God will judge all perpetrators of fornication, sodomy and bestiality:

“Let those who approach My altar appear in My sight in chastity, as also should those who desire to receive the sacrament of the body and blood of My Son, lest they should fall into ruin.”

After the debauchery of gay pride comes gay shame.

Even from just a Medical Perspective it is love to oppose Homosexual Acts 


Family members and victims scammed by the deceptive Gay lobby propaganda should create an association of victims and sue them. An association that creates a march of gay shame showing with statistical data and photos of the victims who have died associated with the self-destructive practice of homosexuality; and responsible for spreading news to help prevent other young people from falling victim to this Gay mafia.

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