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Friday, November 15, 2019

The New President of Bolivia has returned the Bible to the Government Palace

en.news Senator Jeanine Áñez who was installed the interim presidency of Bolivia came to the seat of government with a voluminous copy of the Gospels in her hands.

She solemnly proclaiming that "the Bible has returned to the Palace."

The act took place during a parliamentary session in which the representatives of Evo Morales’ Movement Towards Socialism were absent.

While Áñez was taking office, her followers gave “glory to God” while defenders of Morales were blowing the whistle.

Later Áñez said from a balcony in the Government Palace in La Paz, "This Bible is very significant to us. Our strength and power is God. May God bless us, dear Bolivian brothers."

Añez is pro-life, pro-family, and opposes the resurgence of indigenous paganism. In 2013 she wrote on Twitter, "I dream of a Bolivia free of indigenous satanic rites.”

Evo Morales Was Chief Promotor of Pachamama At Amazon Synod

en.news Evo Morales was a "key figure" in having Pachamamas displayed at the Amazon Synod, Edward Pentin writes on Twitter.com.

Morales just resigned as Bolivia’s President. He met Francis since 2015 four times. In July 2015, he presented him with a Hammer-and-Sickle crucifix.

In August 2017 he wrote on EvoMoralesa.blogspot.com that it is “our duty to tribute to Pachamama." On August 1, Morales announced on Twitter.com, with pictures to celebrate "Pachamama month” with offering rituals on every Friday in August.

Morales said he was a Catholic only in order "to go to weddings." When asked whether he believed in God he replied, "I believe in the land, in my father and my mother, and in cuchi-cuchi (sexual activity)."

Bolivian Politician With Rosary: “Pachamama will never return”, “Bolivia belongs to Christ” 

en.news Luis Fernando Camacho, one of the leaders of the coup d’état in Bolivia, appeared with a rosary in his hand in a video entitled "#Christ is back in the Palace."

After the removal of Evo Morales' government, he stormed into the presidential palace saying in a speech: “Pachamama will never return to the palace, Bolivia belongs to Christ.”

Camacho is known for his regular references to "God's power." He also deposited a Bible in the government building in La Paz.

A lawyer, businessman and politician, he has been the chair of the Civic Committee of La Santa Cruz since 2019.

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