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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Apostasy: The marxist ‘Cura villero’, Pepe Di Paola promotes the pagan cult of ‘Gauchito Gil ’ supported by Bergoglio

The roots of Bergoglio's neo-Pantheism Marxism in Argentina.
Bergoglio while in Argentina promoted the religious syncretism of Catholicism with paganism as we can see in the example of the ❛cura villero❜ (‘shanty priests’, ‘misery villages’, the ‘poor church’) who currently promote the pagan cult of ❛Gauchito Gil❜  which mixes paganism with Catholicism. Fr. Jose ‘Pepe’ di Paola one of his ❛cura villero❜, who is a disciple of Bergoglio and he promotes the Pagan cult to ❛Gauchito Gil❜ supported by Bergoglio. This is Bergoglio example of ‘shepherds living with the smell of sheep.’

“When I told Bergoglio about the devotion to Gauchito Gil, he told me: go ahead,” confesses father di Paola , who assures that “the one who prays in front of the Gaucho's image is a Catholic”.

Sandro Magister: (Bergoglio) as archbishop of Buenos Aires, he authorized the “curas villeros,” the priests sent to the peripheries, to give communion to all, although four fifths of the couples were not even married. 

‘Pepe’ di Paola: I said (to Bergoglio): “Boss - because I always call him like that - you can see that the Holy Spirit is assisting you in a special way because you managed to communicate with the whole world through gestures”.

That is why we see Bergoglio giving the blessing’ to the coca leaves of the pagan Indians of the Tupac Amaru which is then used for pagan ceremonies to the pachamama. This is why he  supports homosexualist / Abortionist / subversive Marxist Milagro Sala, who practices the pagan cult of shamanism and indigenous paganism. 


Cura villero, Pepe Di Paola promueve el culto pagano al ❛Gauchito Gil❜ apoyado por Bergoglio

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