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Monday, June 26, 2017

Bergoglio presents communist gay priest With Pedophile Fantasies as "Example"


In a highly advertised trip, Pope Francis visited on June 20th the tomb of Father Lorenzo Milani (+1967) presenting him as an "example".

Milani was known for his pro-communist stances and his fight for an "equalitarian school-system" for children, which since then has proved to be a failure. The anti-Catholic Italian paper La Repubblica, which is very close to Pope Francis, called Milani on April 21st a "bohemian artist of a non-concealed homosexuality".

Milani has long been suspected of pedophilia. In November 1959 he wrote to his friend, the journalist Giorgio Pecorini, "[...] if a risk runs for my soul, it is certainly not that I have loved little, but rather that I love too much (that is, to bring them [the children] also to bed!) ... and then, who will ever be able to love the children up to the bone without ending up putting it also into their a**, if not a teacher, who together with them also loves God and fears hell and desires heaven."

Friday, June 16, 2017

“Bergoglianism = accommodating adultery, sodomy and abortion in the Church” : Christopher A. Ferrara

Pope Bergoglio greets, hugs and kisses “gay” former student and“gay” boyfriend at meeting he personally arranged.

After four years of affliction by the current occupant of the Chair of Peter, it is clear that Pope Bergoglio, as incredible as it may seem, is programmatically committed to accommodating adultery, sodomy and even the toleration of abortion in the life of the Church. If that claim seems wildly extreme, consider the following irrefutable evidence:
  • Bishop Ángel José Macín (age 50) of Reconquista, Argentina, whom Francis made a bishop during the first year of his pontificate, has just presided over a sacrilegious Mass “during which he re-admitted around thirty couples of civilly remarried divorcees into ‘full sacramental communion’ with the Church,” thereby overthrowing the bimillenial Eucharistic discipline of the Church in defense of her infallible teaching on the indissolubility of sacramental marriage. 
These couples will now be permitted to partake regularly of the Blessed Sacrament while continuing sexual relationships with people to whom they are not married. Citing Amoris Laetitia as his sole authority, Macín created a sham “path of discernment” consisting of Saturday meetings of the adulterous couples during which they “discerned” that they were ready to receive Holy Communion while continuing to live in adultery.
There is no longer any question — if there ever was — that this abomination is exactly what Francis has plotted and schemed to introduce into the life of the Church from the moment he emerged from the papal conclave of 2013. Recall that he began the process by praising the arch-heretic Cardinal Kasper’s book on “mercy” during his first papal address from the balcony of the papal apartments he had abandoned as his residence. Following the rigged “Synod on the Family,” he closed the circle by informing the bishops of Buenos Aires, in response to the query (which he had probably solicited), that “there is no other interpretation” of AL than the one Macín has just given it.
  • Having demolished John Paul II’s Pontifical Academy for Life by sacking every one of its members and having its new President, the “pro-gay” Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia (of obscene mural fame), draw up new statutes for the Academy, Pope Bergoglio has approved as one of the new appointees Nigel Biggar, an Anglican professor of “moral and pastoral theology” at Oxford, who, as Edward Pentin reports, “has in the past supported legalized abortion up to 18 weeks and has expressed qualified support for euthanasia.”
Bear mind in mind that Pope Bergoglio has abolished the pro-life oath formerly taken by members of the Academy. Moreover, in the letter purporting to grant priests the power they already had to absolve the sin of abortion, he referred to abortion as an “agonizing and painful decision” — as if the deliberate killing of an innocent were merely a “decision” (however sinful) that troubles the mother as opposed to an act of murder that is one of the sins that cries out to heaven for retribution. Pope Bergoglio has also distanced himself from the pro-life movement in Italy, while replacing a staunchly pro-life Argentine bishop rejected as a military chaplain by the leftist government of Argentina with a suitably quiescent prelate who will not ruffle the ruling elite’s feathers.
Also numbered among the new appointees to the Academy is none other than Anne-Marie Pelletier, professor of Sacred Scripture, Bible and Liturgy at the École Cathédrale in Paris, whom Pope Francis tapped to write his Way of the Cross meditations at the Colosseum this year. As Edward Pentin notes, Pelletier — surprise, surprise­­ — is a “supporter of some remarried divorcees receiving holy Communion…”
Worse, Pelletier attended the 2015 “shadow synod”, which “looked at ways to better welcome those living in stable same-sex unions.” Francis has made it clear that he has no problem with “stable same-sex unions” by granting private audiences to “gay” and “transgender” couples, whom he embraced, and by refusing to oppose the legalization of “homosexual unions” in Italy.
And let us not forget that it was Pope Bergoglio who read and approved the infamous “midterm report” of Phony Synod 2014, wherein we read that “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community,” that the Church must be “capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation” and that “homosexual unions” provide “mutual aid to the point of sacrifice [that] constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners.”  Recall as well that Francis insisted that this abominable document, a disgrace to the Bride of Christ, be included in the proceedings of Synod 2015 even though it was rejected by the Synod Fathers.
From a purely historical perspective the Bergoglian pontificate would constitute, for the inquiring historian, the most fascinating anomaly in the entire history of the Church: a Pope who attacks the foundations of the Church’s moral edifice by undermining her teaching on marriage, procreation and sexuality. For the Catholic faithful, however, this pontificate is an unparalleled ecclesial disaster of truly apocalyptic proportions. We must never allow ourselves to become inured to this moral travesty, but rather must expose and oppose it while praying for the Church’s deliverance from the rule of the most wayward Pope the Church has ever seen.
Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for us! 


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bergoglio is allowing sacrilegious communion for adulterers to the Sicilian bishops.

en.news On June 4, the Sicilian Bishops’ Conference promulgated pastoral guidelines on Amoris Laetitia that allow adulterers to receive Holy Communion, against the words of the New Testament. The guidelines admit, that John Paul II required from divorced and remarried to practice chastity, but claim, that this teaching is now “expanded” (meaning: abolished) by Francis.

According to the guidelines adulterers can be absolved and admitted to the Eucharist “even though the confessor knows that it is an objective disorder for the Church”.

According to Catholic teaching it is a mortal sin to receive Holy Communion without being in the state of grace.

Council of Trent

  • Whoever publicly asserts that one may receive communion in mortal sin is excommunicated

    If anyone says that faith alone is sufficient preparation for receiving the sacrament of the most Holy Eucharist: let him be anathema. And that so great a Sacrament may not be unworthily received, and therefore unto death and condemnation, this holy Council ordains and declares that sacramental confession must necessarily be made beforehand by those whose conscience is burdened by mortal sin, however contrite they may consider themselves. If anyone moreover teaches the contrary or preaches or obstinately asserts, or even publicly by disputation shall presume to defend the contrary, by that fact itself he is excommunicated.

  • No one conscious of mortal sin should approach the Holy Eucharist, however contrite he may seem to himself

Now ecclesiastical usage declares that this examination is necessary, that no one conscious of mortal sin, however contrite he may seem to himself, should approach the Holy Eucharist without a previous sacramental confession. This, the holy Synod has decreed, is always to be observed by all Christians, even by those priests on whom by their office it may be incumbent to celebrate, provided the recourses of a confessor be not lacking to them. But if in an urgent necessity a priest should celebrate without previous confession, let him confess as soon as possible [see n. 1138 ff.]. (Denzinger-Hünermann 1647. Council of Trent, Session XIII, October 11, 1551)

Code of Canon Law– Marriage can only be dissolved by death

Pope Pius IX– Any other union among Christians except the sacramental union is nothing else than a disgraceful concubinage.

Saint Thomas Aquinas

  • Adultery and fornication destroy the soul

Adultery and fornication are forbidden for a number of reasons. First of all, because they destroy the soul: ‘He who is an adulterer has no sense, for the folly of his heart shall destroy his own soul’ (Prov 6:32). It says: ‘for the folly of his heart,’ which is whenever the flesh dominates the spirit. (Saint Thomas Aquinas. The Ten Commandments, Article 8)

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Bergoglio appoints anglican abortion & euthanasia supporter to Pontifical Academy for Life

Francis appointed Nigel Biggar, an apologist for legal abortion, as a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, writes the Catholic Herald. A list of 45 new members of the Academy was published today.

Biggar is Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at the University of Oxford. He said in a discussion with the philosopher Peter Singerin 2011, “I would be inclined to draw the line for abortion at 18 weeks after conception."

In his book "In Defence of War" (2014) Biggar claims, that the U.S. assault on Iraq was a "just war".

The Academy’s statutes were changed in November 2016. Its head, Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia said at the time: “The new statutes require a stronger commitment on the part of members to the Church’s pro-life teaching than do the old." The old statutes required from the members to promise defending human life in accordance with the Church’s magisterium.

Edward Pentin: Other new appointments include Anne-Marie Pelletier:
A supporter of some remarried divorcees receiving holy Communion, Pelletier attracted attention in 2015 by taking part in a “shadow synod” that, among other topics, looked at ways to better welcome those living in stable same-sex unions.

Apostate Bishop Receives Divorcees into "Full Communion"

“The abomination shall be seen in holy places, in convents, and then the demon shall make himself the king of hearts.” 
Our Lady of La Salette

en.news June 13 2017
Bishop Ángel José Macín (50) of Reconquista, Argentina, presided last Sunday a Eucharist in the parish San Roque, Reconquista, during which he re-admitted around thirty couples of civilly remarried divorcees into "full sacramental communion" with the Church, writes adelantelafe.com. The adulterers previously met during six month on Saturdays in what was called a "camino de discernimiento" ("Path of Discernment").

Macín justified his move with Francis' letter to the Buenos Aires bishops, in which he said in September 2016, that there was "no other interpretation" of Amoris Laetitia than to allow adulterers to receive communion.

At the end of the Eucharist Macín distributed communion to the adulterers, while relatives took pictures. No reference was made to the biblical teaching on divorce and receiving Communion. 

Francis named Macín a bishop in October 2013.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Francis' Foundation Promotes Gender Ideology

Scholas Occurrentes is a Vatican based foundation that aims at connecting schools. It started in Buenos Aires under Cardinal Bergoglio and is strongly supported by him.

Through its series “Con Francisco a mi lado” ("With Francis At My Side") it promotes gender ideology. Dealing with "diversity" the series includes homosexual couples with children as one form of "family". Under the header "self esteem" it promotes the free choice "sexual identity". In July 2016, returning from Azerbaijan, Francis called gender an "ideological colonisation" and a "malignity".

The Vaticanista Marco Tosatti comments, "As it often happens in this Pontificate, there are no clear answers. Certain phrases, behaviours, positions, and especially choices and promotions often appear contradictory, ambiguous, not to say schizophrenic."

Sandro Magister: Today there are more than 400,000 Scholas Occurrentes, in about eighty countries on five continents. And since August 15, 2015 they have been a “pious foundation” of pontifical right, established as such by a chirograph of Francis. 

In June 2016 (month of gay pride) Francis presided as the pontifical foundation he founded, Scholas Occurrentes, awarded to Hollywood pro-abortion, anti-marriage advocates at a publicized Vatican event.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Return of the Gnostic Jesuits

June 2017 New Oxford Review

For how many decades have we been asking, “What’s happened to the Jesuits?” Ever since the days of Teilhard de Chardin’s Omega Point Christ and cosmic evolutionism, loyal Catholics, devout Catholics — indeed, even everyday Catholics — have been scratching their heads about certain characters in the Society of Jesus. You know, those who would have a very difficult time justifying to their order’s founder, St. Ignatius, what they’ve been doing, saying, and teaching during their Jesuit careers, yet who — ironically — are publicly lauded for their various heterodoxies and heresies.

Bergoglio allows  gay adoption surrogate to this homosexual couple and receive sacrilegious communion.  

 Readers may recall some of the more egregious among them — for example, Robert Drinan, the Jesuit priest who served in the U.S. Congress from 1971 to 1981. Aside from defying the prohibition against priests serving as elected public officials, Fr. Drinan became known for his fervent advocacy of legal abortion. 

 Then there’s Fr. Adolfo Nicolás, past superior general of the order, who described the Catholic Church as “a complicated system of controls and regulations that make the Gospel somehow distant from people.” He even proposed alternatives to Catholic doctrine that he defined as “more liberating ways of religious wisdom and the experiences, impossible to systematize, of radical emptiness, non-dualism and transcendence” (L’Espresso, Jan. 23, 2008). Fr. Nicolás made his disdain for the Church even more palpable when he explained that “we Christians have to think and reconsider our Christian practices, from simple devotions to Sacramental celebrations.”

And, more recently, there’s Fr. Gregory Boyle, a Jesuit who, despite openly dissenting from the Church’s teachings on same-sex marriage and the priestly ordination of women, received the prestigious Laetare Medal from the University of Notre Dame this spring. He has described opposition to gay marriage as “demonizing people” and has said that the Church’s prohibition against women’s ordination is “shameful” and “nonsense” (Cardinal Newman Society, Apr. 4).

 Enter Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal of Venezuela. The newly elected Jesuit superior general claimed in an interview with Swiss journalist Giuseppe Rusconi that the words of Jesus condemning divorce (cf. Mt. 19:4-9) are “relative” and must be “discerned” according to the “conscience” of each individual (Rossoporpora, Feb. 18). This is, one supposes, his ostensible contribution to the debate over Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis’s controversial apostolic exhortation that touches on the topic of divorced-and-“remarried” Catholics. If you haven’t been following the scrum, Amoris Laetitia has been widely interpreted, with good reason, as papal consent for civilly remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion, meaning that these divorced Catholics — despite Jesus’ clear imperative to the contrary — are not adulterers. No, no, no! Fr. Sosa continued: “[During Jesus’] time, no one had a recorder to take down his words. What is known is that the words of Jesus must be contextualized, they are expressed in a language, in a specific setting, they are addressed to someone in particular.”

Lest he be misinterpreted, Fr. Sosa further clarified his position in the same interview: “Over the last century in the Church there has been a great blossoming of studies that seek to understand exactly what Jesus meant to say…. That is not relativism, but attests that the word is relative, the Gospel is written by human beings, it is accepted by the Church which is made up of human persons…. So it is true that no one can change the word of Jesus, but one must know what it was!”

Fr. Sosa is to be commended for the forthrightness of his assertions. He doesn’t leave much to the imagination; he doesn’t couch his language in purposeful ambiguities that he can later hide behind in his own defense. He comes right out and says that we can never really know what Jesus said because His words were not “recorded” but were written down by human beings (who are prone to error) and accepted by a bunch of human beings (who are prone to error). His position is an interesting one. Aside from being agnostic — or perhaps gnostic — in flavor, it is also self-consumptively illogical: If Fr. Sosa is asserting that Jesus didn’t really say, “Whoever divorces his wife, except for unchastity, and marries another, commits adultery; and he who marries a divorced woman, commits adultery” (Mt. 19:9), he must admit by his own the-word-is-relative standard that he, Fr. Sosa, is a human (prone to error) and his assertion can only be accepted by human beings (also prone to error). Therefore, Fr. Sosa’s assertion is as meaningless as he claims are Jesus’ words as recorded — or not recorded — in the Gospels. To say that we cannot rely on the Gospels as clear accounts of Jesus’ doings and sayings is tantamount to saying that the Gospels are unremarkable, uninspired, and unreliable. Even more bizarre, Fr. Sosa seems to believe that, if a contemporary scholar works hard enough, he can “discern” what Jesus really said — which would be an unbridled perversion of St. Ignatius’s rules of discernment (viz., The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius).

It is not difficult, then, to accuse the Jesuit superior general — the so-called Black Pope, the international leader of the Society of Jesus — of relativizing the Bible, discounting the words of Jesus, and engaging in doctrinal heresy. And that’s exactly what Raymond Cardinal Burke has concluded. “This is completely wrong,” Cardinal Burke said of Fr. Sosa’s comments in an interview with InfoVaticana (Apr. 10). “In fact, I find it incredible that he could make these kinds of statements. They…need to be corrected. It is unreasonable to think that words in the Gospels, which are words that, after centuries of studies, have been understood to be the direct words of Our Lord, are now not the words of Our Lord because they were not tape-recorded. I can’t understand it.” Cardinal Burke added that he believes the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ought to issue a correction.

Now enter Fr. Thomas Reese. Remember him? He resigned as editor of the Jesuits’ influential America magazine back in 2005 under pressure from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Writing in the National Catholic Reporter, the flagship publication for liberal American Catholicism, Fr. Reese, a Jesuit in full, not only echoes Fr. Sosa’s rejection of Jesus’ words on divorce, he mixes in a little Jesuit gnosticism to refine the case against Jesus’ clear injunction. “Jesus said a lot of things that we do not observe literally without exception,” he writes (Apr. 6). “Jesus does not list any punishment for divorce and remarriage…. I look upon Jesus’ teaching on divorce as the first feminist legislation because a divorced woman was kicked out on the street with no assets or alimony. Today we live in a different world. How can we be so certain that Jesus would respond in the same way to divorce today?” Jesus: the foremost feminist legislator? Good grief! Only a Jesuit.

The fact that Fr. Reese can’t provide an answer to his own rhetorical question speaks volumes about his and Fr. Sosa’s agnosticism. Both of these Jesuits are trapped in an intellectual dead end. If we were to entertain Fr. Reese’s stunted thought process, we might continue by asking further questions along his same line of argument: 

· “How can we be so certain that God would respond to Moses with the Ten Commandments today?” 

· “How can we be so certain that God would respond in the same way to the sin of Sodom today?” 

· “How can we be so certain that Jesus would respond in the same way to the merchants and moneychangers in the Temple today?” 

To be sure, Frs. Reese and Sosa, with their moral blind spots and theological tunnel vision, cannot be so certain — even if they sit down to “discern.” What they do seem to know, with their gnostic Jesuit insights, is that they can easily use their own faulty logic to justify as permissible (in their own minds and in like minds) any act that is traditionally defined by the Bible and the Church as immoral. With the number of poorly catechized Christians wandering about blindly these days, the gnostic Jesuits have a captive audience that would love to know the various ways they could engage in immorality and still consider themselves to be faithful to Christ. 

Look, anyone can use faulty logic and make idiotic statements. It happens all the time! But it’s just plain sad to see Jesuits — professed members of a manly order with a history of defending the Church and the papacy and a devotion to true Catholic intellectualism — become tools of intellectual idiocy.

Unfortunately, the gnostic Jesuits (you know, the ones who believe that they — they — have access to the truly true truth that relies on neither Scripture nor Tradition) have been emboldened of late not only by the Black Pope but more so by Pope Francis, also a Jesuit educated in the same manner as Frs. Sosa, Nicolás, and Reese. A coincidence? We think not.

“Even under a Jesuit Pope, the [Society of Jesus] suffers from a steady decline in membership, dissent and moral confusion within its ranks, and a widening gulf between many Jesuit universities and the Church.” — Patrick J. Reilly, Cardinal Newman Society

The pro-gay consulter chosen by Bergoglio, blasphemed the saints: “Some of the saints were gay”

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bergoglio's new Heresy: “God cannot be God without Man”

During his Wednesday audience in St Peter’s Square Francis claimed, “Jesus Christ’s Gospel reveals to us that God cannot be without us. He will never be a God without man. It is he who cannot be without us, and this is a great mystery. God cannot be God without man, this is a great mystery.”


Francis' words correspond to the heresy of Gnosticism (1st and 2nd century AD), which claimed that God needed to create an object for his love because he is imperfect. Catholic doctrine instead confesses a perfect God who is perfect love in a Trinitarian relationship. God created mankind gratuitous out of a superabundance of love not out of a need.

If anyone does not confess that the world and all things which are contained in it, both spiritual and material, as regards their whole substance, have been produced by God from nothing, or, shall have said that God created not by a volition free of all necessity, but as necessarily as He necessarily loves Himself, or, shall have denied that the world was created to the glory of God: let him be anathema.
(First Vatican Council, Dogmatic Constitution Dei Filius; Denz. 1783, 1805; underlining added.)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bergoglio has an extremist leftist political agenda against the principles of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

La Salette Journey |June 06, 2017

Once again, Francis is engaging in partisan politics and embarassing himself.

Liberal Speak reports, "Pope Francis, leader of the global Catholic church, has been telling his followers that they must reject Trump’s position on immigrants and refugees. According to Pope Francis, Christians have a duty to embrace immigrants and refugees – that’s exactly the opposite of what Trump and modern day Republicans are trying to do."

Father George Rutler, of EWTN fame, wrote the following about ideologues like Francis:

"The recent action of our government’s executive branch to protect our borders and enforce national security is based on Constitutional obligations (Art. 1 sec 10 and Art. 4 sec 4). It is a practical protection of the tranquility of order explained by Saint Augustine when he saw the tranquillitas ordinis of Roman civilization threatened. Saint Thomas Aquinas sanctioned border control (S. Th. I-II, Q. 105, Art. 3). No mobs shouted in the marketplace two years ago when the Terrorist Travel Prevention Act restricted visa waivers for Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen. The present ban continues that, and only for a stipulated ninety days, save for Syria. There is no “Muslim ban” as should be obvious from the fact that the restrictions do not apply to other countries with Muslim majorities, such as Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Turkey.

These are facts ignored by demagogues who speak of tears running down the face of the Statue of Liberty. At issue is not immigration, but illegal immigration. It is certainly manipulative of reason to justify uncontrolled immigration by citing previous generations of immigrants to our shores, all of whom went through the legal process, mostly in the halls of Ellis Island. And it is close to blasphemy to invoke the Holy Family as antinomian refugees, for they went to Bethlehem in obedience to a civil decree requiring tax registration, and they violated no statutes when they sought protection in Egypt. Then there was Saint Paul, who worked within the legal system, and invoked his Roman citizenship through privileges granted to his native Tarsus in 66 B.C. (Acts 16:35-38; 22:25-29; 25:11-12) He followed ordered procedure, probably with the status of civis Romanus non optimo jure—a legal citizen, but not allowed to act as a magistrate.

It is obvious that the indignant demonstrators against the new Executive Orders are funded in no little part by wealthy interests who would provoke agitation. These same people have not shown any concern about the neglected Christians seeking refuge from persecution in the Middle East. In 2016 there was a 675% increase in the number of Syrian refugees over the previous year, but while 10% of the Syrian population is Christian, only one-half of one percent of the Syrian Christians were granted asylum. It is thankworthy that our changed government now wants to redress that. The logic of that policy must not be shouted down by those who screech rather than reason."

In his work of critical importance entitled "Man Against Mass Society," the French philosopher Gabriel Marcel writes, "..the fanatic never sees himself as a fanatic; it is only the non-fanatic who can recognize him as a fanatic; so that when this judgment, or this accusation, is made, the fanatic can always say that he is misunderstood and slandered...Fanaticism is essentially opinion pushed to paroxysm; with everything that the notion of opinion may imply of blinded ignorance as to its own nature....whatever ends the fanatic is aiming at or thinks he is aiming at, even if he wishes to gather men together, he can only in fact separate them; but as his own interests cannot lie in effecting this separation, he is led, as we have seen, to wish to wipe his opponents out. And when he is thinking of these opponents, he takes care to form the most degrading images of them possible - they are 'lubricious vipers' or 'hyenas and jackals with typewriters' - and the ones that reduce them to most grossly material terms. In fact, he no longer thinks of these opponents except as material obstacles to be overturned or smashed down. Having abandoned the behaviour of a thinking being, he has lost even the feeblest notion of what a thinking being, outside himself, could be. It is understandable therefore that he should make every effort to deny in advance the rights and qualifications of those whom he wishes to eliminate; and that he should regard all means to this end as fair. We are back here again at the techniques of degradation. It cannot be asserted too strongly or repeated too often that those the Nazis made use of in their camps - techniques for degrading their victims in their own eyes, for making mud and filth of them - and those which Soviet propagandists use to discredit their adversaries, are not essentially different though we should, in fairness, add that sadism, properly so called, is not to be found in the Russian camps." (pp. 135-136, 149).

Marcel explains that, "In fact, the greatest merit of the critical spirit is that it tends to cure fanaticism, and it is logical enough that in our own fanatical times the critical spirit should tend to disappear, should no longer even be paid lip service as a value."

Francis has an extremist leftist political agenda.  To advance his agenda, he finds it necessary to demonize those who disagree with it.  Anyone who, following Saint Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church, believes in border control, must be demonized as "non-Christiano," and as somehow "uncharitable."

Francis is cheapening himself and doing much damage to the credibility of the Church.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Bergoglio: Advancing a false irenicism which does not exclude error and falsehood.

La Salette Journey |June 04, 2017

In his Pentecost homily, Francis advanced a false irenicism which, he said, is opposed by those who "adopt rigid and airtight positions," who "become locked into their own ideas and ways of doing things..."  Such people, he asserted, "choose the part over the whole, belonging to this or that group before belonging to the Church. They become avid supporters for one side, rather than brothers and sisters in the one Spirit...Christians of the 'right' or the 'left', before being on the side of Jesus, unbending guardians of the past or the avant-garde of the future before being humble and grateful children of the Church."

Such is the false irenicism of Francis as he prepares the world for demon worship and the man-god.

Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand (whom Pope Pius XII referred to as the "20th century Doctor of the Church," refutes this distorted idea of unity.  He writes, "St. Paul says there always will be heresies and he adds that God permits them to test the faithful. The disunity that is based on the incompatibility of truth and falsehood cannot and should not be avoided...To deplore disunity as such, instead of deploring heresies, instead of condemning these and calling them by their name, implies first of all that one would keep unity even at the cost of truth. But, of course, true unity presupposes unity in truth. Error, falsehood, can never be the basis for true unity. That holy, supernatural unity of which our Lord speaks in the priestly prayer ut unum sint - that all may be one - can come to pass only in the profession of divine truth, in the membership of the Mystical Body of Christ. It is a unity which includes some but, by the same token, excludes others. As Father Werenfried van Straaten [the Bacon priest, my note] reminds us, 'Jesus' prayer that all may be one'...may not be separated from His other words: 'I say unto you that whoever does not enter by the door of the sheepfold is a thief and a robber...I am the door!' The same principle is expressed in the first encyclical of Pope Pius XI: Pax Christi in regno Christi, the peace of Christ in the reign of Christ. Even on the natural level, unity that is not grounded in truth is either a very silly or a very dangerous thing. That shallow comradeship so typical of modern society, for example, in which we approach everyone regardless of his relation to God in a spirit of 'tolerance' - the spirit incarnated in the words of Frederick II of Prussia: 'Let everyone attain beatitude in his own fashion' - that is a foolish pseudo-unity lacking any common principle to truly unite men. Such 'togetherness,' however, can be worse than foolish; it can be a sinister force when it is based not on a lack of principle, but on a common error - on an idol. The togetherness found in Nazism or in Communism is an amazing thing. Devotion to the common idol goes so far that the devotees are ready to die for it. So many young Germans gave their lives in the war while screaming, 'Heil Hitler!' They had given themselves in unity, to the devil." (The Charitable Anathema, pp. 3-4).
This false irenicism will continue to play a significant role in this "pontificate" as the push for a one-world religion intensifies.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Heresiarch Arturo Sosa: Introduces Female Deacons - Abolishes the Devil- supported civil pseudo-gay marriages, homosexual priests and gay pseudo-identity.

In an interview with the Spanish El Mundo, the liberal Superior General of the Jesuits, Fr Arturo Sosa, declared that Pope Francis "has already opened the door of the diaconate" for women by creating a commission. He adds, "After that, more doors could open."

Speaking about evil, Sosa says at end of the interview, "We have made symbolic figures, like the devil, to express evil."

Q. What about gay marriage?

A. One thing is public and official thinking and another what happens in communities. One thing is homosexuality and another is my homosexual partner, the one who is part of my family, my environment. In religious life there are homosexuals and they are not persecuted, they are part of the community. The sacrament [of marriage] is another issue, it is one thing to recognize the civil status so that there is no discrimination and another theological aspect. The sacraments are not born like this (clicks on the fingers).

Related news:
Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, a Venezuelan Communist and Modernist, is carrying out Francis’s agenda.