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Friday, June 16, 2017

“Bergoglianism = accommodating adultery, sodomy and abortion in the Church” : Christopher A. Ferrara

Pope Bergoglio greets, hugs and kisses “gay” former student and“gay” boyfriend at meeting he personally arranged.

After four years of affliction by the current occupant of the Chair of Peter, it is clear that Pope Bergoglio, as incredible as it may seem, is programmatically committed to accommodating adultery, sodomy and even the toleration of abortion in the life of the Church. If that claim seems wildly extreme, consider the following irrefutable evidence:
  • Bishop Ángel José Macín (age 50) of Reconquista, Argentina, whom Francis made a bishop during the first year of his pontificate, has just presided over a sacrilegious Mass “during which he re-admitted around thirty couples of civilly remarried divorcees into ‘full sacramental communion’ with the Church,” thereby overthrowing the bimillenial Eucharistic discipline of the Church in defense of her infallible teaching on the indissolubility of sacramental marriage. 
These couples will now be permitted to partake regularly of the Blessed Sacrament while continuing sexual relationships with people to whom they are not married. Citing Amoris Laetitia as his sole authority, Macín created a sham “path of discernment” consisting of Saturday meetings of the adulterous couples during which they “discerned” that they were ready to receive Holy Communion while continuing to live in adultery.
There is no longer any question — if there ever was — that this abomination is exactly what Francis has plotted and schemed to introduce into the life of the Church from the moment he emerged from the papal conclave of 2013. Recall that he began the process by praising the arch-heretic Cardinal Kasper’s book on “mercy” during his first papal address from the balcony of the papal apartments he had abandoned as his residence. Following the rigged “Synod on the Family,” he closed the circle by informing the bishops of Buenos Aires, in response to the query (which he had probably solicited), that “there is no other interpretation” of AL than the one Macín has just given it.
  • Having demolished John Paul II’s Pontifical Academy for Life by sacking every one of its members and having its new President, the “pro-gay” Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia (of obscene mural fame), draw up new statutes for the Academy, Pope Bergoglio has approved as one of the new appointees Nigel Biggar, an Anglican professor of “moral and pastoral theology” at Oxford, who, as Edward Pentin reports, “has in the past supported legalized abortion up to 18 weeks and has expressed qualified support for euthanasia.”
Bear mind in mind that Pope Bergoglio has abolished the pro-life oath formerly taken by members of the Academy. Moreover, in the letter purporting to grant priests the power they already had to absolve the sin of abortion, he referred to abortion as an “agonizing and painful decision” — as if the deliberate killing of an innocent were merely a “decision” (however sinful) that troubles the mother as opposed to an act of murder that is one of the sins that cries out to heaven for retribution. Pope Bergoglio has also distanced himself from the pro-life movement in Italy, while replacing a staunchly pro-life Argentine bishop rejected as a military chaplain by the leftist government of Argentina with a suitably quiescent prelate who will not ruffle the ruling elite’s feathers.
Also numbered among the new appointees to the Academy is none other than Anne-Marie Pelletier, professor of Sacred Scripture, Bible and Liturgy at the École Cathédrale in Paris, whom Pope Francis tapped to write his Way of the Cross meditations at the Colosseum this year. As Edward Pentin notes, Pelletier — surprise, surprise­­ — is a “supporter of some remarried divorcees receiving holy Communion…”
Worse, Pelletier attended the 2015 “shadow synod”, which “looked at ways to better welcome those living in stable same-sex unions.” Francis has made it clear that he has no problem with “stable same-sex unions” by granting private audiences to “gay” and “transgender” couples, whom he embraced, and by refusing to oppose the legalization of “homosexual unions” in Italy.
And let us not forget that it was Pope Bergoglio who read and approved the infamous “midterm report” of Phony Synod 2014, wherein we read that “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer to the Christian community,” that the Church must be “capable of providing that, accepting and valuing their sexual orientation” and that “homosexual unions” provide “mutual aid to the point of sacrifice [that] constitutes a precious support in the life of the partners.”  Recall as well that Francis insisted that this abominable document, a disgrace to the Bride of Christ, be included in the proceedings of Synod 2015 even though it was rejected by the Synod Fathers.
From a purely historical perspective the Bergoglian pontificate would constitute, for the inquiring historian, the most fascinating anomaly in the entire history of the Church: a Pope who attacks the foundations of the Church’s moral edifice by undermining her teaching on marriage, procreation and sexuality. For the Catholic faithful, however, this pontificate is an unparalleled ecclesial disaster of truly apocalyptic proportions. We must never allow ourselves to become inured to this moral travesty, but rather must expose and oppose it while praying for the Church’s deliverance from the rule of the most wayward Pope the Church has ever seen.
Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for us! 


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