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Monday, May 8, 2017

Venezuelan Catholics Protest Bergoglio's Support for Socialist Venezuelan Regime.

The Eponymous Flower May 8, 2017 

(Caracas) In the late afternoon of May 7, the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference published a letter from (Bergoglio) about the situation in Venezuela. The letter is addressed to the bishops. The letter, dated 5 May, expresses the papal "concern for the difficult situation" in which the Venezuelan people live.
On the Saint Peter's Square yesterday, Venezuelan Faithful with black crosses drew attention to the oppression in Venezuela at the Regina Coeli. The names of the dead were written with white  on the black crosses, who have been shot or killed in the latest protests against the socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro.
Fotos Reuters, AFP y EFE

The Venezuelan prime minister, Cardinal Jorge Urosa, and the faithful protested against the oppression of the Socialist regime on Sunday in Rome with the cross in their hands. (Bergoglio) simply ignores the fact that the regime, which calls itself "revolutionary," uses "dialogue" to "suppress the people" and gain time to introduce even harsher oppressive measures to maintain power." This criticism also touches Francis, who is accused of supporting the regime and of wanting to split the opposition.

Don José Palmara, one of the most famous priests of Venezuela, accused the Pope of "the complete ignorance of the situation in Venezuela".

Francis and the Marxist Terrorism - Xavier De Bouillon

Francis receives Hebe  Bonafini without her repentance and does not want to receive the victims of the Marxist Terrorism or the Relatives of the Political Prisoners in Argentina. (The political prisoners who fought against Marxist terrorist subversion)

Back in  2013 Bergoglio told the subversive argentine  Marxist Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo: 
“(I) shares your sorrow, and that of the many mothers and families who have and are suffering the tragic loss of their loved ones at this moment in Argentina’s history.”

Later in 2016 Bergoglio said about the argentine Marxist Hebe de Bonafini that he could not “close the door” to a woman where he only sees “the pain of a mother”. 

“But to a woman who had her children kidnapped, and who doesn’t know how or for how long they were tortured, when they were killed and where they were buried, I do not close the door” “What I see there is the pain of a mother”
But Bergoglio closed the door to the wives who went to the Vatican begging  for the freedom of their husbands, who are political prisoners and victims of Maduro's tyranny. 

Pope Francis is with the people, not with the powerful,” said the marxist Hebe de Bonafini after a private conversation with Bergoglio  in Santa Marte. 

Bergoglio protects the Marxists but will not receive the Venezuelan Catholic women.

Bergoglio has turned his back on the political prisoners who fought against Marxist-Leninist subversion and supported the Marxist subversive groups in Argentina.

Pope Pius XI– The Communist system, with its authors and abettors condemned
-Communism is intrinsically wrong and no one may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith– Formal prohibition to join or favor Communist Parties – latae sententiae excommunication
Pope John XXIII– No Catholic can subscribe even to moderate Socialism – opposition between Communism and Christianity is fundamental.

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