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Saturday, July 28, 2018

⚑ Bergoglio covered up and protected the homosexual predator Juan Carlos Maccarone within the Catholic University of Argentina (UCA)

Maccarone was a person close to the Kirchners. Maccarone was also dean of the Faculty of Theology of the UCA, Pontifical University of Buenos Aires, whose Grand Chancellor was then the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

The homosexual pedophile priest Maccarone was caught infraganti VIDEO.

The 23-year-old Alfredo Serrano filmed the homosexual relationship in a vengeful manner because Maccarone had promised him a public job that he never fulfilled.
Serrano maintained that he assumed that attitude in "revenge" because the prelate had promised him that he would take steps to get him a job in the provincial public administration, the main labor source of the district of 500,000 inhabitants.

However, the Catholic Church, the country's main cult, attributed the 15-minute home shoot to a "political revenge" against Maccarone.

In fact, when the scandal broke, the permanent commission of the CEA, chaired by Bergoglio at the time, produced a declaration of solidarity that produced an additional scandal.

  Among those he sexually abused some were minors, as in the case of Chascomús.

In 2005, he resigned after admitting a homosexual relationship.

  Then two scandals arose because he was allowed to celebrate the sacraments and officiate Masses; and also because he continued to be helped by Bergoglio as professor emeritus of the UCA. He remained in ministry. He was Seen in 2010 saying Confirmation Mass for teenagers. Santiago del Estero bishop emeritus. He died March 29 2015 without having paid for his crimes on the contrary, Bergoglio rewarded him.

Bergoglio used the same tactic to provide cover for Chilean bishop Juan Barros who covered up the pedophile Karadima:
Guillermo Marcó, spokesman for the archbishopric of Buenos Aires, considered that the resignation of Maccarone could be the result of  "political revenge for his fight for the needy in a province with impunity and a level of corruption that kept people in the more extreme poverty'. 

Church officials believe that a reform-minded Argentine prelate shown in a compromising video was the target of a political vendetta.

Bergoglio used  the same tactic in which he lied to covered the homosexual scandals of 'Monsignor' Ricca and his pedophile friend Julio César Grassi. 

Diario 7 : Francis believes - and says privately - that Father Julio César Grassi is innocent, a victim of a plot or vendetta carried out by one of the largest media groups in the Country. 

Newspapers such as the Los Angeles Times and news agencies such as Catholic News Agency confirmed the existence of the video.  

The Wanderer: The spokesman of the Buenosairean archbishopric went on to say, in addition, that the diffused video corresponded to "the private life" of Mons. Maccarone.

Argentine Catholic Blog: It is also worth mentioning the close relationship and protection of Cardinal Bergoglio to Bishop Maccarone, who had to leave his position as bishop of Santiago del Estero for having been filmed being sodomized by a taxi driver (here), and who was rewarded by assigning as professor emeritus of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina UCA, although it expressly contravenes the statute of this institution that demands "integrity of life" in its teachers.

Maccarone has been called "the diva" - of the Argentine Episcopate

The homosexual pedophile Maccarone is an icon honored by the heretical "Priests for the Third World", the leftist priests the 'option for the poor' of Argentina.

The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, through its president Hebe de Bonafini, sent a letter to Maccarone to express her "solidarity" and emphasize that "the Church of Jesus" is what he represents

One of his successors is Bokalic auxiliary Bishop of Bergoglio who was responsible for allowing homosexual sacrilege in the Church of Santiago del Estero Argentina.

The homosexual pedophile was honored with a Catholic funeral.

La Cigüeña de la TorreMarch 30, 2015 The Argentine Bishop Maccarone has died. 
He was the protagonist of a terrible ecclesial scandal that cost him the diocese of Santiago del Estero in 2005. That made him known in Argentina, playing with his last name, like Mariccone (fagot). He was 74 years old and officially listed as bishop emeritus of that diocese. He rather was without merit. Without any merit. I think it was extremely unfair to keep him as a bishop after a nasty video filmed by his hustler. In my opinion he must have been laicized.

The next one that MUST resign is Bergoglio himself. 

Bergoglio covered for and hid pedophile Rubén Pardo in the Condarco 581 Priestly Home

In 2005 Pardo died of AIDS, without having been arrested for a single minute of his life.

In On Heaven and Earth (first published in Spanish in 2010), a wide-ranging collection of conversations with Argentine rabbi Abraham Skorka, he suggested in fact that the problem did not exist in his archdiocese:
In my diocese it never happened to me, but a bishop called me once by phone to ask me what to do in a situation like this and I told him to take away the priest’s faculties, not to permit him to exercise his priestly ministry again, and to initiate a canonical trial. 

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