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Monday, July 23, 2018

Bergoglio chose as Cardinal Pro Gay Kevin Farrell an accomplice of McCarrick, who Lived In Same Apartment With the homosexual predator of seminarians

Bergoglio chose as cardinals three accomplices of the homosexual predator Theodore McCarrick

en.newsCardinal Theodore McCarrick, 87, who is accused of having fondled seminarians and some minors, has been the big mentor of Cardinal Kevin Farrell (a former member of the Legion of Christ), 70, the head of the Dicastery for Laity, Family [sic!] and Life.

McCarrick made Farrell an Washington auxiliary bishop in 2001.

The two liberal prelates even shared an apartment together with two priest secretaries, according to Washingtonian.com (October 2004).

[As Newark Archbishop (1986-2000) McCarrick hired Father Kenneth Martin, a homosexual abuser, as his personal secretary.]

In 2007 Farrell was promoted to Dallas. He even paid tribute to McCarrick in his coat of arms. According to Farrell’s explanation the lion in his coat of arms honours McCarrick and is taken from his coat of arms.

Farrell is pro-gay and in charge of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August which will be attended by Pope Francis.

This meeting spreads gay ideology, welcomes homosexual couples and features as keynote speaker the gay-propagandist, Jesuit Father James Martin.

Farrell is a fan of Father Martin’s gay-propaganda book “Building a Bridge”.

It is evident that everyone - including Farrell - knew about McCarrick’s homosexual problem.

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Don Mario’s Moral Mafia 

August 28, 2016 Christopher A. Ferrara The Remnant:  Farrell installed as pastor of a Texas parish a homosexual priest  caught participating in a sexually explicit “gay” website. (This pervert was removed as pastor only after a public outcry.) Farrell clearly accepts as a given that there will be homosexual priests, formed and ordained as such with full knowledge of their “orientation.”  

McCarrick -Pervert and homosexual Predator- Bergoglio's Lobbyist

Bergoglio also chose as Cardinal Pro-Gay Joseph Tobin ‘Nighty-Night, Baby’ & Pro Gay Cupich McCarrick's  other accomplices.

In “seismic shift” Bergoglio appoints very liberal Cupich and 2 more U.S. progressives among 17 new cardinals 

Homosexual Predator McCarrick’s Network Lavender Mafia

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  1. If Cardinal Cupich states that practising homosexuals in so called civil unions can receive Holy Communion then he is acting openly and directly for Satan.


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