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Monday, July 30, 2018

Gay church: "You Speak, We Will Crush You”

en.news Cardinal Theodore McCarrick's sexual advances and activity have been reported by “numerous seminarians and priests", Richard Sipe, 85, wrote already in summer 2016 in a dossier published on his website awrsipe.com.

Sipe is a former priest married to a former nun. He worked and wrote as psychotherapist and has been a witness in 57 lawsuits against Catholic clergy.

He writes in the dossier about a settlement between McCarrick and a priest which speaks about McCarrick's homosexual activity involving three priests.

Sipe explains, that priests usually don’t speak about the homosexual activity of a superior because they would risk losing everything – employment, status,

“If they were a partner in the [homo]sexual activity and ‘come out’, they become a pariah and are labelled as traitors.”

Sipe quotes one priest in the McCarrick framework who was told by McCarrick's liberal chancery office, “If you speak with the press we will crush you.”  This article in Spanish was censored by the Hispanic moderator who controls  the forum in the Spanish-language of Gloria TV. Now after we complain to the administration  the article in Spanish is Back. This is not the first time  that the moderator takes control and censors and deletes the articles and news inside Gloria TV. This News was also censored:  ⚑ Bergoglio protected in the UCA the homosexual predator Juan Carlos Maccarone

Bergoglian Sect controls the Spanish forum inside Gloria TV. 

More than half of the seminarians in Tegucigalpa are homosexually active. The former Bishop Pineda in the center.

en.news In Honduras, 48 out of 180 seminarians stated in a letter that there is a widespread and entrenched pattern of homosexual practice in Tegucigalpa’s seminary, reports Edward Pentin on NcRegister.com (July 25).

The seminarians speak of “irrefutable evidence” that a homosexual network pervades the institution and is being protected by its rector.

Pentin has obtained graphic photographic evidence of homosexual pornography exchanged on WhatsApp between seminarians.

He is in the possession of a suicide note of a seminarian who tried to take his life in April, after his male accomplice turned to another seminarian.

According to Pentin, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Tegucigalpa accused the whistleblower seminarians of being “gossipers” who wish to portray their fellow seminarians in a bad light.

Rodríguez is a close friend of Pope Francis, therefore it is unlikely that these shocking revelations will harm him. 

Monsignor Athanasius Schneider :
“When we arrive at a point in the Church where the faithful, priests and bishops are afraid to say something, as in a dictatorship, this is not the Church.”

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