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Monday, July 23, 2018

Dr. Randy Engel denounced homosexual predator McCarrick in her Book The Rite of Sodomy

Cardinal McCarrick receives ‘honourable’ mention in Randy Engel’s recently released and meticulously researched 1282 page blockbuster The Rite of Sodomy.
“New York insiders glibly refer to McCarrick by his feminine name ‘Blanche’” and notes that it has long been known in certain cirlces that McCarrick has “a penchant for handsome young seminarians.”

Engles adds in the footnotes
The charge that Cardinal McCarrick is a homosexual prelate who preys on seminarians was publicly made by whistleblower priest Father James Haley in December 2005.

American Cardinal slated to address Canadian bishops engulfed in his own scandal

Historically speaking, McCarrick got in on the near ground floor of one of largest and most influential homosexual networks in the Church in modern times – the Cardinal Francis Spellman Network.
The McCarrick Case in Four Sound Bites
  • Father McCarrick was ordained by the “Kingmaker,” Cardinal Francis Spellman, Archbishop of New York from 1939 to 1967. “Franny” Spellman, a predatory homosexual prelate, ordained and/or consecrated many young priests who joined the sodomite ranks including McCarrick, George Guilfoyle, Christopher Weldon, Francis Reh and Terence Cooke.
  • Monsignor McCarrick served as personal secretary from 1971 to 1977 to homosexual Cardinal Terence Cooke. It was Cooke who consecrated McCarrick an auxiliary bishop. Among the other homosexual bishops consecrated by “Cookie” were Bishop Emerson John Moore, a homosexual drug addict who died alone and destitute of AIDS in September 1995. For the record, Cooke oversaw the suffragan Diocese of Brooklyn where homosexual Bishop Francis Mugavero permitted the St. Matthew Community – a religious community made up of homosexual priests for homosexual priests and their partners – to operate out of his diocese in 1978.
  • Cardinal McCarrick, from his earliest days in the priesthood (1958); to his appointment as an auxiliary bishop (1977); to his installation as Bishop of Metuchen (1981); to his appointment as Archbishop of Newark (1986); to his appointment as Archbishop of Washington. D.C. (2000); and his elevation to the cardinalate (2001), was an active homosexual/pederast preying especially on young seminarians and newly-ordained priests.
  • Cardinal McCarrick has continued the inter-generational production of sodomites in the American hierarchy by the consecration of at least three priests – one of whom is deceased and two who are currently bishops in good standing.

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