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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Pachamama's pagan worship is not from Amazon but belongs to the Inca Empire

The Colombian journalist Henry Gómez, along with Mauricio Ozaeta, a researcher of Biblical and Marian Prophecies, demonstrates that the cult of Pachamama is not Amazonian but belongs to the Inca Empire. The Inca Empire as such never penetrated the Amazon Rainforest. The word Pachamama belongs to the Quechua language that is the Inca language and therefore is not even part of the linguistics of the Amazonian tribes. Amazonian tribes did not worship the earth as a deity.

This information shows us that the Marxist excuse of 'inculturation' to promote a new Amazon rite is a fraud that actually seeks to promote idolatry within the Church.

One of the goals of the São Paulo Forum is to Deacralize, discredit and ridicule religions, the Catholic in particular.

This also shows us that the shaman Ednamar de Oliveira Viana that is originally from Maués Brazil is imposing on Amazonian Indians to worship pagan idols from the Inca culture. This fraudulent shaman is being promoted and supported by the white man’ Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

Warning: At the end of this video that is Spanish there are scenes of the practice of infanticide in the Amazonian tribes. Use caution.

Evo Morales said that Pachamama rituals belonged to them.

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