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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Ford Foundation / REPAM manifesto for destroying the Catholic Church Supported and promoted by the Anti Pope Bergoglio

In the interview-book “Without Him We Can Do Nothing” (November 5) Francis attacks groups which “discriminate” against other cultures and view them as “unworthy” of receiving the Gospel.

According to Francis, there are proclaimers of the Gospel that present themselves as enlightened, and divide the world between “civilised” and “barbaric.”

“They consider a large part of the human family as a lower-class entity, unable to achieve decent levels in spiritual and intellectual life.”

Thus, “contempt can develop for people considered to be second rate,” he warned, “All this also emerged during the Synod of Bishops for the Amazon.”

Talking to ReligionNews.com (November 5), Gianni Valente, a Francis’ court journalists who produced the interview, called the book polemically “an answer to all the closed- and narrow-minded points of view that we witnessed” during the Synod.

However, under a logical point of view, Francis’ allegations constitute a fallacy called "straw man."

It gives the impression of refuting an opponent's argument, while it refutes an argument that was never presented. Such a trick is used when defeating an "enemy" is valued higher than understanding of an argument.

Bergoglio denounces Amazon Synod critics as racist 

The Ford Foundation / REPAM manifesto for destroying the Catholic Church

Here it is. It is in Spanish, but it can be easily algorithmically translated.

This document from ARSH 2017 demands, repeatedly, as “non-negotiable”, the total “de-centralization” of the Church. It cites, glowingly, Antipope Bergoglio’s reference to himself as “Bishop of Rome”.

So… exactly what Freemasonry has been gunning for for 300 years, echoed in the German theological writings of the past 60 years on the Papacy as we have seen in our research on the invalidity of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation. Decentralization, demythologization, synodality. Denial of the Petrine Primacy. Full-on attack on the Papacy itself, and thus upon Holy Mother Church, which is built upon the rock of Peter by Christ.

Funny how those agendas match exactly.

On page 41 of the document is this demand:

Queremos el fin de la Iglesia colonial, que impone celebraciones, ministerios y ministros desenraizados de nuestra realidad.

We want the end of the colonial Church, which imposes celebrations, ministries and ministers unrooted in our reality.

Followed by the demand that the Ford Foundation / REPAM agenda be universal:

Los criterios para escoger a los presbíteros no están adaptados para la Amazonía. En vez de dejar a las comunidades sin Eucaristía, necesitamos cambiar los criterios para los ministros autorizados para celebrar la Eucaristía. Ahora es el momento de encaminar un ministerio presbiterial para la Amazonía, y desde la Amazonía para el mundo.

The criteria for choosing priests are not adapted for the Amazon. Instead of leaving communities without the Eucharist, we need to change the criteria for ministers authorized to celebrate the Eucharist. Now is the time to lead a presbyterial ministry for the Amazon, and from the Amazon to the world.

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