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Monday, October 21, 2019

Brave Catholics throw the pagan idols to the Tiber River, with which Bergoglio´ sect profaned the House of God

With Bergoglio's approval, the Anglican lesbian 'priestess' Emelie Teresa Smith desecrates the church of Santa Maria in Traspontina with pagan cults

The Marxist Carmelite apostates  believe they are the owners of the house of God who have the right to desecrate it. As Archbishop Fulton Sheen warned that the anti-church steals things that belong to God, to hand them over to Caesar.

Tertullian: "Heretics do not have the same God, the same Christ as Catholics." 

The Code of Canon Law of 1917 states that we Catholics have a duty to reject error and heresy and everything that works against faith:
Canon 1325.1 - “The faithful are bound to profess their faith openly whenever under the circumstances silence, evasion, or their manner of acting would otherwise implicitly amount to a denial of the faith, or would involve contempt of religion, an offense to God, or scandal to the neighbor.” 

¨Santa Maria in Traspontina or Transpontina is a Carmelite (O. Carm.), Catholic, titular church in Rome, Italy. It is on the Via della Conciliazione, the primary road of the Roman Rione of Borgo.
Pope Sixtus V designated the church as a cardinalitial titulus on 13 April 1587.[1] The current cardinal of Santa Maria in Traspontina is the former Archbishop of Quebec, Marc Ouellet, who supports Opus Dei,[2] and is the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of Bishops of the Roman Curia. He was Cardinal Priest from 2003 to 2018, and continued there when co-opted to suburbicarian rank.¨ Wikipedia

These despicable apostates not only violate the First Commandment but persecute all of us who obey the First Commandment.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio Sivori is a public and stubborn heretic who can no longer be called 'pope' by any Catholic.  Much less this heresiarch can be called a Christian. 

St. Robert Bellarmine: "A manifest heretic is not a Christian, as is clearly taught by St. Cyprian, St. Athanasius, St. Augustine, St. Jerome, and others."

Dear Catholic priests and brothers, after Bergoglio publicly violated the First Commandment by participating in a pagan ritual of WORSHIP to the Amazon goddess; at least now you (who did not believe us when we told them that Bergoglio is not a pope because he was already a heretic, schismatic apostate in Argentina and was disqualified to be a pope as taught by the Magisterium of the Church) should then start calling Bergoglio "heretical Pope" because this means denying the dogma of the Papacy; and believing the heresy that a Pope can be a heretic, which means that he who professes that belief is a heretic so you should at least stop calling him Pope.  If you don't believe us then believe St. Robert Bellarmine, St. Francis de Sales , St. Antoninus of Florence and St. Thomas Aquinas.

St. Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621)

"A pope who is a manifest heretic automatically(per se) ceases to be pope and head, just as he ceases automatically tobe a Christian and a member of the Church. Wherefore, he can be judged andpunished by the Church. This is the teaching of the ancient Fathers whoteach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction.", DeRomano Pontifice, II.30 [citing passages from Cyprian, Driedonus, and MelchoirCano in support of his position]

St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622)
Bishop and Doctor of the Church

"Now when the Pope is explicitly aheretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church . .."
St. Antoninus of Florence (1389-1459)

"In the case in which the pope wouldbecome a heretic, he would find himself, by that fact alone and withoutany other sentence, separated from the Church. A head separated from a bodycannot, as long as it remains separated, be head of the same body from whichit was cut off. "A pope who would be separated from the Church by heresy,therefore, would by that very fact itself cease to be head of the Church.He could not be a heretic and remain pope, because, since he is outsideof the Church, he cannot possess the keys of the Church." SummaTheologica, cited in Actes de Vatican I. V. Frond pub. St. Antoninus

St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

"It is absurd for a heretic to saythat he believes in Jesus Christ. To believe in a person is to give ourfull consent to his word and to all he teaches. True faith, therefore, isabsolute belief in Jesus Christ and in all He taught. Hence, he who doesnot adhere to everything Jesus Christ has prescribed for our salvation doesnot have any more of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ than the pagans, Jewsand Mohammedans."

"A species of unbelief belonging to those who profess the Christian Faith but corrupt its Dogmas." (SummaTh., II-II Q. 11. Art. 1)

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  1. God Bless you for posting this. It is terrible times in our faith, but with prayer we will sustain the abuse of heritics.


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