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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Pagan Nuns: Indian Who Wants to Be a Christian Must Avoid Francis church

Prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette: 
Several religious institutions will lose all faith and will lose many souls.

en.news The Missionaries of Mary Immaculate and Saint Cathrine of Siena (“Lauritas”), a congregation of sisters founded in Colombia and active in the Amazon basin present on their webpage a section about “Indigenous Pastoral.”

It uses “indigenous” as a synonym for “pagan” stressing that the [Catholic] natives “have their own religion” and “their own theology” and that their “spiritual world is very rich.”

This world, the text continues, provides the natives with “the necessary links" “with the gods” which ensures a “balance between good and evil.”

Amazon paganism is compared with Holy Scripture, “As we have an Old Testament, so the indigenous peoples have their history and [pagan] religion.”

The reader is told that “the land is the Bible of the Indios.” Thus, the natives “feel” God’s presence “in nature and on earth.”

... the Francis church is lost in pagan delusions.

The apostate Marxist Alba Teresa Cediel Castillo affirms that she has enriched herself with the paganism of the natives: "All my life I have dedicated it to the service of the original peoples, who have enriched me with their cultural and spiritual values."

The Marxist apostate nun Inés Zambrano, general superior of the ´Lauritas´ –also present in the Amazon Pagan Synod– comments that “the deep and critical knowledge of reality and the learning of indigenous languages are two fundamental keys to reaching them ' geographical peripheries and learn their ancestral wisdoms, what the native peoples call sumak kawsay or good living. ”

Nun Admits Amazon Women Acting in Priests’ Roles


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