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Thursday, September 12, 2019

Cdl. Burke And Bp. Schneider Launch Crusade to fight 'theological errors and heresies' in the Amazon Synod

en.news Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Athanasius Schneider have issued an[other] eight-page declaration against six “serious theological errors and heresies” in the Amazon Synod’s working document.

They call on the faithful to engage in a crusade of prayer and fasting for forty days to prevent such errors of being approved. The suggestion is to pray daily one decade of the Rosary and to fast once a week for this intentions from September 17 to October 26. The six errors are:

● an implicit pantheism identifying God with nature and the universe

● the notion that paganism is a source of Divine Revelation and an alternative pathway to salvation

● the idea that natives already received divine revelation and that the Church in the Amazon needs a missionary and pastoral "conversion"

● granting ministries to women and turning married local chieftains into second-class priests

● considering man as a mere link in nature’s ecological chain and economic development as an aggression against ‘Mother Earth’

● calling for an "integral ecological conversion" which includes the adoption of the collective social model of natives where individual personality and freedom are undermined.

Cdl. Burke, Bp. Schneider Call for Prayer, Fasting Ahead of Amazon Synod

They overlook the first error of the Amazonian synod, which is that Bergoglio and his accomplices have conspired against God and against the Church - Bergoglio has declared war on God and the Church. Although he fails to consummate all his perverse machination against God, Bergoglio has already committed a crime against the Catholic faith and has already fallen into apostasy, heresy and schism. Letting an enemy of God who has openly declared war on God to continue to take the place of the Pope is the biggest mistake they are overlooking.

Here are several errors:

1. In the Amazon there is already apostasy, the abomination of desolation is already put into practice and Bergoglio supports the apostate priests who practice paganism.

2. Bergoglio is sponsoring and financing the creation of syncretic pagan temples for indigenous people.

Repam-Brazil that is in full communion with Bergoglio promotes pagan rituals to worship the indigenous goddess Pachamama.

Amazonian apostasy is already a fact this is not prevention. Preventing is when evil is going to be avoided, not when evil is done. That is why in this case urgent measures must be taken. It is necessary to publicly Anamatize the heresiarch Bergoglio.

3. Bergoglio activily dove into apostasy. Bergoglio himself is the one who has declared war on God.

If he problem is not identified correctly, how can it be fought? Bergoglio is the author of this apostasy, and who is the one who will approve the heresies?/- Bergoglio himself.

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