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Monday, August 19, 2019

Bergoglio maintains in Argentina his friend Ignacio Peries, a priest who promotes homosexuality and gay adoptions

Alleged "healing priest" Ignacio Peries promotes sodomy 
The impunity of the priest Ignacio Peries Kurukulasuriya continues, who in January 2014 invited two homosexual couples and one lesbian couple to address the theme of "building families" in his program "Huellas de Navidad" which was seen on Channel 3 in Rosario, Argentina. This was only two  months after Bergoglio received him  at the Vatican as a personal friend.

The Bishop-José Luis Mollaghan, due to the multiple complaints of the Catholic community limited himself to a written statement which said he did not endorse the TV program. "The Argentine archdiocese also pointed out that for the moment "It was not possible to have a weighted clarification on the matter by Ignacio Peries, since he is out of the country until next February 15".

Mr. Ignacio is the parish priest at the «Natividad del Señor» church in the Rucci neighborhood, in Rosario (Argentina). He was born in Sri Lanka and became a nationalized citizen of Argentina. 

In May 2014 Bergoglio appointed the same mealy mouth non-disapproving Archbishop as Official of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in cases of pedophilia and justice.   Commission ”delicta graviora”.

José Luis Mollaghan -enemy of the traditional mass.

Bergoglio and Antonio Quarracino

Ignacio Peries was ordained a priest on July 29, 1979 in Great Britain, at: «Crusade of the Holy Spirit». Before arriving in Rosario, he was in Tancacha, Córdoba Province.


This man (Ignacio Peries) stains priestly dignity and is making profit with the word of God. He deflects the figure of Jesus in himself to whom his followers attribute sanctioning powers (gift that the religious says he discovered when he was 12 or 14 years old). His fans are liberal superstitious Catholics, other religions or people without any religion.  In the innumerable row it is common for people to fight for their turn.

 Ignacio Peries 

He writes short sentences on social networks similar to the teachings of Indian Guru Ravi Shankar Ratnam. The themes of his sermons are social problems, health-illness, superstitions, and emphasizes the humanity of Jesus.  His masses are transmitted on Channel 3 of the Rosario television. He does not ask non-faithful to convert to Catholicism because he teaches the heresy of religious indifferentism; that ´we all worship the same God´.  He asks all attendees to come to receive communion which is in direct contradiction to the Missals found in the pews of Catholic Churches around the world. 
His friends are well-known anti-Catholic politicians and other corrupt people.

Hermes Binner with  Ignacio Peries.
Guillermo Oliveri with Ignacio Peries.
Jorge Obeid with Ignacio Peries.

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