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Friday, August 16, 2019

Boff Rehabilitates Paganism in the Amazonian apostate synod

Leonardo Boff, Lutheran bishop Manuel Acuña (Beroglio' favorite exorcist), and Adolfo Pérez Esquivel

Francis “is one of us.”

Defrocked Priest Is the Primary Influence of Amazon Synod

The laicized Franciscan priest Leonardo Boff is the primary source of inspiration upon the working document of the upcoming Amazon Synod. The title of Boff’s book "Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor" is even a subheading in the Synod document. Boff is also widely quoted in other parts of the document. Roberto de Mattei calls Boff the reference “theologian” of the document. Monsignor Nicola Bux thinks that Boff was an advisor for the document.

Boff as a monkey or as a blade of grass or as a breath of wind

On Tuesday, the linguist Julia Meloni quoted on CrisisMagazine.com some bizarre ideas from Boff’s book "Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor" wherein Boff explains that we humans should identify with the earth and think and feel as if we were the earth. Quote: "Then we can be mountains, sea, air, path, tree, animal."

Boff as Chaplain of Globalist Elites

Boff proposes in his book to establish a "New World Order" which would confer civil rights to the earth, which he calls "Gaia". He believes that a “central government” is necessary to achieve this goal. Boff calls it a "socio-cosmic democracy". He asks to establish a "universal religion" whose "supreme value" would be the preservation of the planet Earth.

"Man is Satan for the earth"

Boff warns against God’s words in the Genesis "Be fruitful and multiply". According to him, they lead to an uncontrolled demographic growth. Quote Boff: "Our species is a threat to all other species. It is terribly aggressive and a geocide, an ecocide and a true Satan for the earth.”

Boff Rehabilitates Paganism

Boff calls for a recognition of pagan idols that quote - "inhabit all realms of nature". According to him early Christianity brutally denied their existence and thus closed many gates of the soul. Boff sees a "lasting value" in animism. Because – quote - "everything talks or can talk". He lists trees, colours, winds, animals, paths, people and household appliances. According to Boff, this interpretation of reality gives rise to shamanism. Quote: "Everyone must awaken this shamanistic dimension in himself."

Boff as Syncretist

In particular, Boff praises the Synod’s working document for its appreciation of pagan rituals. At number 13 it commends – quote - "different spiritual forces" while at number 75 it enthuses about – quote - "dialogue with the spirits."

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