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Monday, August 5, 2019

The apostate Bergoglio proposes as a model for priest his Marxist friend, "Fr." Lucio Gera, the greatest exponent of the so-called People’s Theology in the letter to priests for the anniversary of St. John Vianney

Marxist Jorge Mario Bergoglio: "Here I think of a great master of the priestly life in my own country, Father Lucio Gera". 
Marxist priest Lucio Gera

Gera (1924-2012) was one of the founders of the Marxist Movement of Priests for the Third World in 1967 - of which he wrote his Theological Reflection -, antecedent of the Theology of liberation and the main architect of the Theology of the people,  which was formed as an autonomous branch of Liberation Theology, following the mother principle of the preferential option for the poor. 
In tribute to the Marxist Lucio Gera his photography is located in the main hall of the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina, Buenos Aires

Bergoglio refuses to denounce homosexual priests.

Bergoglio quotes himself in his letter. He only used one reference, before Vatican II. "A hundred and sixty years have passed since the death of the holy Curé of Ars, whom Pope Pius XI proposed as the patron of parish priests throughout the world.[1]"

Bergoglio is a bold-faced, on the anniversary of the Cure of Ars he mocks the priesthood instituted by Christ.

The Wanderer: «Also, let us not forget that, as the pontiff himself has said, his theological mentor was Lucio Gera and his theology of the people, according to which the people are not subject to being evangelized but subject to evangelize. It is understood in this way, beyond the undeniable populist eagerness, that Bergoglio's first gesture to look at the fateful Vatican loggia 13/3/13 has been to ask for the blessing of the people. And that also explains why he ordered a survey of the people to know his opinion about the family and other questions of sexual morality. The people teach.»

Indian marxist Theology: Between Religious Syncretism and a Return to Paganism 

Lucio Gera The pioneer of that evolution of Liberation.
Lucio Gera, the greatest exponent of the so-called People’s Theology and inspirer of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. 

Remember that the Shrine of Ars has been taken by modernist heretics. Where the heretic Enzo Bianchi gives retreat to priests.

Apostasy: The marxist ‘Cura villero’, Pepe Di Paola promotes the pagan cult of ‘Gauchito Gil ’ supported by Bergoglio 

'The religion of the people' 

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