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Friday, December 29, 2023

Temptations to Sin Do Not Constitute Identity - Bishop Mutsaerts


Gloria TV News

Dutch Bishop Rob Mutsaerts, 65, has published a commentary on Francis' homosexual propaganda piece "Fiducia supplicans" on VitamineXp.blogspot.com. Title: "Again that diabolical ambiguity".

The bishop notes that the footnotes in "Fiducia supplicans" do not refer to Church Fathers, Popes or theologians, but almost exclusively quote earlier scribblings by Francis.

One cannot bless a homosexual relationship because it is "sinful" and it is impertinent to claim that God blesses sin, the bishop said. He also misses a call to repentance in "Fiducia supplicans".

Analysing the underlying problem, Mutsaerts states that having homosexual feelings [= temptations] does not constitute an identity: "If you make sin your identity, there is no way out."

"We [= Francis/Fernández] act as if homosexuals were a unique type of sinner that we should treat separately. But the same applies to them as to any other sinner".

For Mutsaerts, the alleged ambiguity of "Fiducia Supplicans" is that "it does not want to name the sinful nature", and this is what the homosexual ideologues do not want either. That is why they demand that "not they, but the Church must change".

Mutsaerts concludes that "every blessing is meant for sinners, but not for those who believe that in their case there is no sin".

When a person is tempted by same-sex attraction and instead of fighting it, identifies as homosexual/gay, that person has merged with their sin, creating a new pseudo-identity contrary to the biological nature that God gave them. Therefore, giving in to temptation by practicing Sin and calling oneself homosexual are sins contrary to Nature. That is why the false “discrimination” argument called “homophobia” is diabolical since homosexuality must be condemned in all its forms since NO sin belongs to human nature. That is why the Church has always condemned the vice of homosexuality without having been accused of being homophobic or discriminatory, as the gay lobby astutely attacks the Church in our times.

Bergoglio was the gay mentor of the homosexual gay activist Yayo Grassi

Saint Augustine (354-430)

The greatest of the Fathers of the West and one of the great Doctors of the Church, Saint Augustine laid the foundations of Catholic theology. In his celebrated Confessions, he thus condemns homosexuality:

"Those offences which be contrary to nature are everywhere and at all times to be held in detestation and punished; such were those of the Sodomites, which should all nations commit, they should all be held guilty of the same crime by the divine law, which hath not so made men that they should in that way abuse one another. For even that fellowship which should be between God and us is violated, when that same nature of which He is author is polluted by the perversity of lust."

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