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Friday, June 7, 2019

Bergoglio Ready To Share sacrilegiously Eucharist With Non-Catholics

"There is already Christian unity," he said. "Let's not wait for the theologians to come to agreement on the Eucharist." "The Eucharist is celebrated everyday with prayer, with remembrance of the blood of our martyrs, with the works of charity, and also wanting each other to be well"

“There is already Christian unity,” Pope Francis claimed on his June 2 flight from Sibiu, Romania, to Rome.

Father Thomas Reese asks on religionnews.com (June 5) if Francis was “signaling his willingness to move toward Eucharistic sharing without total theological agreement” which according to Reese “would be consistent with everything else he is saying.”

But the reality is different. In Romania, Francis could not even pray the “Our Father” with the Romanian Orthodox Patriarch due to lack of unity. Francis said it in Latin, the Patriarch afterwards in Romanian.

Further: The Eucharist is not about "the theologians" but about "theology," which means, about the truth. Eucharist without truth is a lie. 

As of all the sacred mysteries bequeathed to us by our Lord and Saviour as most infallible instruments of divine grace, there is none comparable to the most holy Sacrament of the Eucharist; so, for no crime is there a heavier punishment to be feared from God than for the unholy or irreligious use by the faithful of that which is full of holiness, or rather which contains the very author and source of holiness. This the Apostle wisely saw, and has openly admonished us of it. For when he had declared the enormity of their guilt who discerned not the body of the Lord, he immediately subjoined: Therefore are there many infirm and weak among you, and many sleep. The Catechism of The Council of Trent

Pseudo-Chrys.: Otherwise; [p. 270] The dog and the swine are unclean animals; the dog indeed in every respect, as he neither chews the cud, nor divides the hoof; but swine in one respect only, seeing they divide the hoof, though they do not chew the cud. Hence I think that we are to understand by the dog, the Gentiles who are altogether unclean, both in their life, and in their faith; but by the swine are to be understood heretics, because they seem to call upon the name of the Lord. "Give not therefore that which is holy to the dogs," for that baptism and the other sacraments are not to be given but to them that have the faith. In like manner the mysteries of the truth, that is, the pearls, are not to be given but to such as desire the truth and live with human reason. If then you cast them to the swine, that is, to such as are grovelling in impurity of life, they do not understand their preciousness, but value them like to other worldly fables, and tread them under foot with their carnal life. 

Chrysostomus super Matth: Vel aliter. Iusserat superius dominus diligere inimicos et benefacere his qui peccant in nos. Ne ergo cogitarent sacerdotes etiam quae Dei sunt eis communicare, talem cogitationem compescuit, dicens nolite sanctum dare canibus; ac si diceret: mandavi vobis diligere inimicos, et benefacere eis de vestris corporalibus bonis, non tamen de meis spiritalibus passim, quoniam in natura vobiscum communes sunt, non in fide; et Deus carnalia beneficia dignis et indignis similiter praestat, non autem gratias spiritales.  Pseudo-Chrys.: Otherwise; The Lord had commanded us to love our enemies, and to do good to those that sin against us. That from this Priests might not think themselves obliged to communicate also the things of God to such, He checked any such thought saying, "Give not that which is holy to the dogs;" as much as to say, I have bid you love your enemies, and do them good out of your temporal goods, but not out of My spiritual goods, without distinction. For they are your brethren by nature but not by faith, and God gives the good things of this life equally to the worthy and the unworthy, but not so spiritual graces. 

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