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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Reshetnyak alleges that Bergoglio financially supports the criminal activities of La Alameda and is involved in the trafficking of people who carry out sex work in Rome

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Natacha Jaitt, the Argentine whistleblower found dead last weekend, conducted an interview in April 2018, which some say could be related to her death. Jaitt conducted a 20-minute interview with a man named Artyom Reshetnyak, who claimed to have evidence linking Gustavo Vera and his friend Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) with criminal activity.

Gustavo Vera is president of an organization called La Alameda. The declared mission of the group is to fight against human trafficking, slave labor, child exploitation, prostitution and drug trafficking. However, Reshetnyak states that this is simply an apparent organization that actually facilitates these criminal activities.

Gustavo Vera and Jorge Bergoglio became friends when Bergoglio was archbishop of Buenos Aires. Reshetnyak alleges that Bergoglio financially supports the criminal activities of La Alameda and is involved in the trafficking of people who carry out sex work in Rome.

Natacha Jaitt who accused Gustavo Vera of sex trafficking and Bergoglio of covering up pedophiles Found Dead : Family Suspects Murder

The Tribune of Spain in protest against the corrupt justice of Argentina published the list of the network of pedophilia that Natacha denounced and prayed the Our Father for her soul. They published the nude photo as she was found dead because they do not want to hide the harshness of the news.

All part of the complaints that Natacha Jaitt makes public, in reference to "illustrious" Argentine characters involved in the Pederasty Network of the Independent Football Club of Avellaneda where a group of children and adolescents were subjected to sexual abuse.
La Tribuna España wrote: "Curious" justice of Argentina: they enjoy better treatment and more rights pedophiles than their victims.
Natacha Jaitt and the list of pedophiles:
Presidente de Newell's Old Boys de R. : Eduardo José López.

Titular de la Fundación La Alameda : Gustavo Vera.

"El papa" : Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

BUENOS AIRES, February 23, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) -- Natacha Jaitt, an Argentine media celebrity who had accused Gustavo Vera, a friend of Pope Francis, of sex crimes, was found dead during the pre-dawn hours on Saturday at a resort near Buenos Aires. Jaitt tweeted in October that Vera was Pope Francis’ “accomplice.” She wrote: “Justo Gustavo Vera, is a pimp, sex-trafficker, and accomplice of the Pope and, as I predicted, was tried for misappropriation of funds at Alameda and other illegal acts. God will do what is just, someday. Amen.”

Police arrived at the Xanadu event complex near the capital of Argentina, where Jaitt was found unresponsive in bed. After her death was confirmed, police began investigating. A coroner determined on Saturday that Jaitt died of multi-organ failure; her body showed no signs of violence. She was a widow and mother of two children.
Argentine media is following the case closely, given Jaitt’s record of controversy, which included work in prostitution, pornography, and television. Her credibility has often been questioned. Controversy has swirled around Jaitt, ever since she made startling claims about Pope Francis and his friend, Gustavo Vera -- a former Peronist politician who operates the nonprofit Alamada human rights organization.

Last year, after her appearance on Mirtha Legrand’s talk show and the resulting controversy over her accusations against Vera, Jaitt tweeted, “Notice: I will not commit suicide. I won’t be bought off or drown in a bath tub, nor will I shoot myself in the head. So, if that happens: I wasn’t me. Save this tweet.”

 Jaitt then accused Pope Francis of having “saved” a clergyman (Julio César Grassi) from accusations of pedophilia and sending him to manage a shelter for disadvantaged boys “who can’t make complaints.”

Three Argentine accomplices Vera, Sorondo and Bergoglio

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