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Friday, February 15, 2019

The heterodox Müller says that the heresiarch Bergoglio is “orthodox”

en.news Cardinal Gerhard Müller has repeated his implausible theory according to which Pope Francis is a victim of those he keeps surrounding himself with.

Müller told the anti-Catholic fake-news magazine Spiegel (February 15) that Pope Francis allows himself to be “dependent” upon his counselors who have “base motives”. Müller did not say which counselors he means.

According to Müller, Francis “is surrounded” by people who “have little understanding of theology”. The cardinal calls them “courtiers”. Francis' closest collaborator is Cardinal Parolin.

Asked whether Francis is a heretic, Müller replied, “No. This Pope is orthodox.”

Matthew 24:For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray. 

Rabanus: There are four sorts of tree; the first totally withered, to which the Pagans may be likened; [p. 102] the second, green but unfruitful, as the hypocrites; the third, green and fruitful, but poisonous, such are heretics; the fourth, green and bringing forth good fruit, to which are like the good Catholics. 

Chrys.: Yet He may seem here to have aimed under the title of "false prophets," not so much at the heretic, as at those who, while their life is corrupt, yet wear an outward face of virtuousness; whence it is said, "By their fruits ye shall know them." For among heretics it is possible many times to find a good life, but among those I have named never.

Jerome: What is here spoken of false prophets we may apply to all whose dress and speech promise one thing, and their actions exhibit another. But it is specially to be understood of heretics, who by observing temperance, chastity, and fasting, surround themselves as it were with a garment of sanctity, but inasmuch as their hearts within them are poisoned, they deceive the souls of the more simple brethren. 

Saint Jerome: And I believe that all heretics are antichrists and under the name of Christ to teach those things which are contrary to Christ. No wonder if we see some led away by such teachers, when the Lord has said, "And shall deceive many." 

Müller is covering up Bergoglio's heresies.

Müller playing Catholic issues Manifesto: A quasi correction of Francis’ pontificate

Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing 

Pseudo-Chrys.: "The floor," is the Church, "the barn," is the kingdom of heaven, "the field," is the world. The Lord sends forth His Apostles and other teachers, as reapers to reap all nations of the earth, and gather them into the floor of the Church. Here were must be threshed and winnowed, for all men are delighted in carnal things as grain delights in the husk. But whoever is faithful and has the marrow of a good heart, as soon as he has a light tribulation, neglecting carnal things runs to the Lord; but if his faith be feeble, hardly with heavy sorrow; and he who is altogether void of faith, however he may be troubled, passes not over to God. The wheat when first thrashed lies in one heap with chaff and straw, and is after winnowed to separate it; so the [p. 106] faithful are mixed up in one Church with the unfaithful; but persecution comes as a wind, that, tossed by Christ's fan, they whose hearts were separate before, may be also now separated in place. He shall not merely cleanse, but "thoroughly cleanse;" therefore the Church must needs be tried in many ways till this be accomplished. And first the Jews winnowed it, then the Gentiles, now the heretics, and after a time shall Antichrist thoroughly winnow it. For as when the blast is gentle, only the lighter chaff is carried off, but the heavier remains; so a slight wind of temptation carries off the worst characters only; but should a greater storm arise, even those who seem steadfast will depart. There is need then of heavier persecution that the Church should be cleansed. 

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