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Monday, September 26, 2016

The apostate church of Bergoglio approved sacrilegious communion for sodomites


The evil fruits of the lesbian meeting with Bergoglio was  Obstinacy in sin, (which is a  blasphemy against the Holy Spirit) and a sacrilege against the Holy Eucharist.

This lesbian from Spain mutilated her body and is now dressed as a man having had a hormonal "sex change".  This person is living in mortal sin with another lesbian and is receiving sacrilegious communion privately, with the complicity of a convent of heretical Dominican nuns and Father Angel (see link)  

Lesbian "Diego Neria" said: After seeing the Pope, I left with my head held high I heard Mass and received communion. Read between the lines ...

I'm living again what I had been denied, or what I had forbidden, such as communion and sacrament.

Lesbian "Diego Neria" said: The Pope told me that 'if someone tries to put you away, the problem is with that person.

She said that she believes in the church of Bergoglio and the church of Father Angel; not the God that punishes sodomites but rather the god of Bergoglio. 

Lesbian "Diego Neria" said: For me, the church is what I'm living now. The church that is called Bergoglio,  called Father Angel.
In one interview she even called Bergoglio a god: “Francis is god, the most worthy representative of Jesus.”
She previously said she wants to marry her lesbian partner and plans to have a "family".

The lesbian said: Among the bishops, there are a very harmful minority, an armed wing anchored in the past and based on fear, (in this oppressive power over your head.)”

About her interview with Bergoglio she said the people need to read between the lines because her actions are speaking loud and clear- in other words Bergoglio is directly responsible for the sacrilege perpetrated by this Sodomite. 

Bergoglio with the apostate Father Angel.


Cardinal Pell: “Communion for the divorced and remarried ....” – it’s only the tip of the iceberg, it’s a Trojan horse. They want wider changes, recognition of civil unions, recognition of homosexual unions,” he said.



This sacrilege is not new to Bergoglio. As a Cardinal in Argentina he also allowed sodomites to receive sacrilegious Communion.

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