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Monday, May 25, 2020

Bergoglio’s suggestion COVID-19 caused by Earth’s anger is a ‘Epitome’ of ‘absurdity’

 LifeSiteNews – A priest has contradicted Francis’s assertion that the coronavirus pandemic was caused, not by God, but by nature “having a fit.” 

Coronavirus as Pachamama's Revenge Is "the Epitome of Absurdity"

The bishops were ready without hesitation to quarantine the Catholic religion worldwide. Father Linus Clovis wondered about this in his lecture for the online meeting of the "Rome Life Forum" last weekend. Clovis was even more worried by the speed with which the bishops denied that the coronavirus could be a divine punishment. For him, the assertion by Francis and other bishops that the virus is a response by Mother Earth to human exploitation, is the epitome of absurdity.

The Bishops Are Drowned in Atheism

The Roman historian Roberto de Mattei criticised at the Forum Archbishop Mario Delpini of Milan. Delpini had claimed that the idea of a divine punishment was "pagan". De Mattei retorted: "The belief that God does not punish makes one not a pagan but an atheist." Since many bishops around the world believe just that, the Catholic episcopate is largely submerged in atheism, said De Mattei. For him, this apostasy of the bishops is in itself a divine punishment.

After the Fall of the Wall, Marxism Spread to the West

Hell is neither closed nor empty, and the call of Fatima to save souls from eternal damnation through prayer and sacrifice is urgent. This is what Father Serafino Lanzetta said at the Forum. He added that the consecration of Russia called for in Fatima had not been carried out as Our Lady had wished. That is why Marxist ideology triumphed beyond the ruins of communism. Today Marxism is a worldwide ideology that wants to produce a new, conformist human being, whereby not even gender differences are allowed. This ideology has also been accepted in the Church, which has led to - quote Lanzetta: a "silent apostasy".

Mask Masses and Plastic Communion for Three and a Half Years?

LifeSiteNews.com editor-in-chief John Henry Westen referred the abolition of the public Mass due to the corona virus to the end times announced in Matthew 24. This chapter has references to the prophet Daniel, who predicted that the sacrifice would be abolished for 1290 days. Westen refers to the interpretation of this passage by Cardinal Bellarmin, who writes that Daniel speaks of the abolition of the "public" liturgy. The interpretation of the Corona crisis as fulfilment of the Daniel promise was already put forward by a Gloria.tv cartoon on March 22. However, Westen notes that Our Lady will triumph before the end of the world comes.

2 Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, we gave you this command: If any one will not work, let him not eat.

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