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Monday, August 24, 2020

Soros, Bergoglio, BLM, the Left. All Roads Lead to China

Marco Tosatti  |22 August 2020

Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, Agostino Nobile has sent us a very well-documented and interesting reflection on the strange relations that link the left-wing parties, the Pope (Bergoglio) and Soros to the greatest dictatorship in the world. Enjoy your reading. 


 BLM, Bergoglio, The Left, Soros & Company all Lead to Xi Jinping

Given that I’m not one who believes in chance, I tried to put together characters and events that are changing the lives of billions of people for the worse. These are suppositions, yet based on facts that form a red line that has never been so red. I will break down some of these events and characters beginning with the Wuhan Virus and moving to BLM, Bergoglio, The Left, and George Soros.

Virus: originated in China and spread throughout all continents weakened world economy, except that of the Chinese.

Black Lives Matter: In an online manifest entitled “What We Believe”, the founders of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi, self declared Marxists, and LGBT activists claim that they and their followers want to “bring down the Western family”, get rid of “heteronormative thinking” to establish what they call, “Reproductive Justice” instead. They consider their pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and antifamily agenda a mission for rebuilding America. The BLM movement is supported by the American left who define themselves as Democrats, yet have neo-Marxist ideology. In Portland, Oregon, young people belonging to the BLM movement, in addition to the American flag, burn  Bibles.

Who’s financing the BLM? Bergoglio’s friend. Open Society Foundations Announce 220 million dollars for Building Power in Black Communities

Bergoglio: To identify Bergoglio’s policy should be enough to recall the deal with dictator Xi Jinping, who is literally annihilating Chinese Catholicism. Regarding the ties that exist between Bergoglio and the anti-life billionaires George Soros, we have, among the countless ties, a revealing fact that we cannot forget. During Bergoglio’s visit to the US in September 2015, Soros donated six hundred and fifty thousand dollars to the church. Therefore, it is not necessary a Sherlock Holmes to understand that in the Vatican they follow the same line as the magnate, supporter of irregular immigration and gender ideology. Regarding the abortion, financed by millions of dollars by the Hungarian tycoon naturalized American, the Bergoglians use the tactics of the most dangerous politicians, who always do the opposite of what they say.
As SC readers should know, the more than two thousand stolen files by hackers that have to do with the Soros foundations, attribute to him the responsibility “for all the coups d’état that have taken place in the last twenty five years.” This is a fact, confirmed by major sites dealing with international finance. Since the Vatican knows very well of these files, as well as the financial games Soros’ plays which in 1992 devalued the lira and the British pound by 20-25%, the political proximity between the financier and the (unworthy) head of the Church is more than obvious.
The Left: The Left and interested lobbies aim to make a pact modeled on Chinese socio-economic policy. Western Democracy was resized when in the eighties the free market was established depriving it of government control. Now it’s a matter of “Cinafying” the system. Free market controlled by a totalitarian state is the new paradigm to follow.
Evidence? On youtube we can see a Financial Time reporter interviewing George Soros . Here are some answers given to the journalist who asks  to the financier and speculator specific questions: “Well “- Soros comments – “certainly a decline of the dollar value is needed to compensate for the fact that the US economy will remain rather weak, and will be a drag on the global economy. China will emerge as the engine that will replace the American consumer. Of course, it’s a smaller engine because the Chinese economy is much smaller. The world economy will have less driving force, so it will go forward more slowly than it has done in the last twenty-five years. But China will be the engine that drives it forward, and the United States will actually be the resisting force that is dragging on through a gradual decline in the value of the dollar. ”
We recall that with Trump as president, the GDP has grown considerably. This suggests that the Democrats and some American Republicans had a plan that aimed at annihilating the US economy to favor the Chinese one.

Later on in the interview, the Financial Times reporter asks: “What kind of financial deal should Obama seek when he goes to China next month?”

Soros: “I think this would be the moment, because it is really necessary to bring China into the creation of a new world order, a financial world order. Members are rather reluctant to welcome the International Monetary Fund. They play but don’t contribute much because it is not part of their institution. Their share is not commensurate … their voting rights are not commensurate with their weight, so I think they need a new world order where China must be part of the creation process. They must own it in the same way that, say, the United States owns Washington […] I think this would be a more stable order where there would be coordinated policies. I think its realization is already here, because the G20 […] is moving in that direction. ”

This interview took place in 2009, when Barack Obama presided over the White House. As soon as political outsider, Donald Trump, was elected president, Soros released interviews where he represented China as a totalitarian country, which made one think that in the Obama years China was a democratic country …            

Most likely, with the unexpected arrival of Trump, the agreements made with the Chinese government collapsed like sand castles. From here, the hatred of The Donald, emerged as he did not win the elections with the motto “China First” but with, “America First.”
Another absolutely bizarre fact is the universal acquittal of China’s President Xi Jinping, the one who caused, either by error, delay or other, the deaths of thousands because of the virus unleashed on the world as well as a global economic catastrophe. If in his place it had been Trump, the leftists would have already crucified him. He would be the man most hated in history, and they would have equated him with Hitler so much so that at the very least they would have put him through a Nuremberg-like trial. 
And instead? … Xi Jinping continues to do business with all countries of the world. With the exception of Donald Trump, no one dared to point the finger at the main person responsible for the upheavals that have occurred in the last few months that are producing an economic carnage.    
Given that Trump could, in November, win the election, the Coronavirus and the BLM and Antifa demonstrations, will probably last at least until the elections. If the neo-Marxists win, the West will enter a tunnel studded with pitfalls the likes of which will cause more chaos and catastrophe. If instead Trump wins, the Marxist Dems will continue to spread lies and create anarchy. We just have to hope they won’t feed us another virus. 
With Trump and the so-called sovereigns who have raised their heads, the demon moloch feels he’s in danger, and is capable of anything to survive. Let’s not forget that some presidents of the United States that wanted to do their own thing, were delegitimized with ad hoc scandals or physically eliminated.
I don’t want to be dramatic or despair of the situation, but it is better to remain alert because before the end of the year, or at least at the very beginning of next year, something big will happen, unless the European left is sent home and Trump remains in the White House by resetting the slanderers.
Agostino Nobile
(Translation of the Author)

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