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Monday, September 28, 2020

The Problem Is Not Becciu – the Problem Is Bergoglio



The Problem Is Not Becciu – the Problem Is Bergoglio

Francis was not betrayed by Cardinal Becciu, Vik van Brantegem writes on Korazym.org. It would be very beautiful and edifying if this were true and Becciu would be the guilty party, not Francis; but in reality, it is not so, Van Brantegem writes. For him, the problem is that Francis is incapable of governing or choosing his collaborators. He gives orders and counter-orders. He has created a climate of suspicion and practices a summary justice. The problem is not Becciu, but Bergoglio.

Francis Has Failed

Van Brantegem admits that Francis tried, in the beginning, to clean up the finances of the Vatican. He made Cardinal George Pell the Prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy and told him: “Don't look into the face of anyone, go ahead.” However, immediately afterwards, Francis supported Pell’s opponents and slowly started undermining Pell. Francis had the opportunity to clean up the Vatican, but he failed, and Francis is alone responsible for this, van Brantegem writes.

Francis Knew

Francis used Becciu for all kinds of work, also for dirty work. Becciu was his “trusted man” on many occasions, van Brantegem writes. Nevertheless, Francis threw Becciu under the bus, and not without sadism as Marco Tosatti wrote. For Van Brantegem the first problem with Francis is of a psychological nature. It regards Francis’
sudden, very strong mood swings, his foul language, and his long list of decapitations.
Therefore, even Vatican cardinals use their mobile Internet access because they know the Vatican Internet and phone are intercepted. It’s clear that Francis knew about Becciu’s passion for business which perhaps was innocent and innocuous. Plus, with his passion, Becciu was not alone in the Vatican where people now say: “If every cardinal would be dismissed who give money to his family, then there would be few left."

Like in Totalitarian Regimes

The pro-Francis journalist Lucetta Scaraffia writes that Becciu’s public defenestration has nothing to do with "the great cleansing in the Vatican." It is for her only like the political purges in totalitarian regimes, not a serious recourse to justice. Such operations serve only to establish new balances of power, and to take out opponents. The use and support of the oligarch media is essential because they establish who is guilty and condemn a priori giving no chance to the accused one to defend himself. The Vatican almost never has recourse to a real trial, and when it happens, it is often unreliable because the Vatican’s juridical system is a farce. So, it is almost always the press that actually establishes who is guilty and who not.

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