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Monday, November 30, 2020

Bergoglio's United Nations envoy Woos Funder of Islamic Terrorism


Francis's United Nations envoy hypes dialogue with Muslim World League

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia (ChurchMilitant.com) - The Vatican is stepping up its alliance with a pan-Islamic organization alleged to have provided "material support" to al-Qaeda's 9/11 terrorist operation as well as to have funded terrorism and the global propagation of hardline Wahhabi Islam.

Cdl. Jean-Laurent Tauran with MWL officials in 2017

As part of recent efforts at re-branding its image through "religious diplomacy," the Saudi-sponsored Muslim World League (MWL) hosted the Vatican's envoy to the United Nations (U.N.) Sunday for a book presentation on interreligious dialogue.

Archbishop Ivan Jurkovič, the Holy See's permanent observer to the U.N. in Geneva, delivered a keynote address in Jeddah on the book The Promotion of Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue as an Instrument for Peace and Fraternity, stressing the Vatican's developing relationship that began under Pope Francis in 2017.

Making no mention of Christ or the gospel, Jurkovič instead extolled the "polychromatic light of religions" that illuminates this world and "does not contrast the individual colors by putting them in antithesis to one another; rather, it combines them in a non-conflictual vision."

"The inevitable consequence of abandoning a civilization of encounter is to resort to an incivility of conflict," Jurkovič said, citing both Francis' Fratelli Tutti and the Human Fraternity pact with Grand Imam Ahmad al-Tayyeb.

Speaking to Church Militant, distinguished Islamic scholar Robert Spencer observed how "Jurkovič's attendance at an MWL event is a stark illustration of how the Vatican's determination to pursue Muslim 'dialogue' is so indefatigable that it has blunted all of its critical faculties and rendered it incapable of distinguishing between sincerely peaceful entities and those that are, like the MWL, extensively involved in funding jihad terrorism."

"This is partly due to the cynical cleverness of the MWL itself, which presents itself as a benign organization dedicated to 'dialogue,' although it wouldn't have taken more than five minutes of research for Vatican officials to discover the grim reality of the MWL," Spencer explained.  

Vatican authorities pretend that pro-Sharia individuals such as al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmad al-Tayyeb and the MWL hold positions that it is easy to establish they do not hold.Tweet

An Arabic-speaking source from the Middle East told Church Militant that the MWL was undertaking a massive re-branding operation and using the Vatican in order to whitewash its image as a terror-funding body.

"This is a new marketing strategy the MWL is using to influence public opinion and subjugate the West," he said. "The MWL has realized that openly flaunting hardline Wahhabism won't get them very far."

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