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Tuesday, November 9, 2021

On the Day of the Faithful Departed, Bergoglio maliciously honored the soul of infidel Muslim rapists. He ignored the plea of the National Association of Women Victims of the Moroccan Soldier who asked him instead to honor the victims

 Instead of honoring the faithful departed, Bergoglio honors those damned in Hell. 

On the day of the faithful departed, Bergoglio held an ecumenical parody where he honored the soul of the Muslim infidels who  tortured, killed and raped 60,000 women and 180,000 total Italians (men, women, and children). Goumier's soldiers killed, raped and tortured even the priests who protected Goumier's victims. Even the parish priest, Don Alberto Terrilli, in an attempt to defend two girls, was tied to a tree and raped for a whole night. He died two days later from internal lacerations reported.

Bergoglio violates the first Commandment before everyone and blatantly promotes the heresy of religious indifferentism. 

Bergoglio maliciously ignored the protest of The National Association of Victims of Moroccan Women  who let him know in advance the mass he was planning at a French cemetery was an offense against the victims.  They explained to him in detail and asked him to instead honor the victims.

Here it is demonstrated that the Apostate Jorge Bergoglio acted with full knowledge, committing a sin of Malice. Saint Alphonsus Liguori teaches that every sin of Malice by a priest is a sin of Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

It should also be noted that the Catholic Church honors the soul of faithful departed on this day, not the soul of the infidels who have died in mortal sin and therefore the Church teaches that they are condemned in Hell. 

Bergoglio's apostasy has its roots in Argentina where, in defiance of Catholic doctrine, he openly promoted the heresy of religious indifferentism and Marxist ideology. 

Apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio "I pay tribute to a great patriot and a believer.  With my prayer I ask the Creator, the Most Merciful, to repay him for all the good he did."

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