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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Bergoglian apostate Carlos Castillo denies the Redemption and the divine nature of Christ


Pachamama Archbishop Insults Christ: "Layman," "Like All Of You," "No Sacrifice"

en.news “Jesus doesn’t die offering the sacrifice of a holocaust, Jesus dies as a murdered layman, to which He decides not to respond with vengeance and who accepts the cross to give us a sign of life.”

This is what Pachamama Archbishop Carlos Castillo Mattasoglio of Lima, Peru, a Francis buddy, rambled during a December 19 Eucharist in his Cathedral.

Castillo insisted that according to him Christ “dies as a layman who gives hope to humanity, he dies as a human being like all of you who are present here, we too, because we can’t be priests without first being baptised lay people.” This creed is similar to the one of the Jehova Witnesses or Mormons.

Conversly, the Catholic Faith, transmitted by the Apostles, teaches that Christ is "the true priest" and his death is a "redemptive sacrifice" (CCC 1545). St Paul’s Letter to Hebrews explains Christ as the high priest who offers himself once and for all for the forgiveness of sins.

No wonder, Francis and his Pachamama friends are furiously opposed to the Catholic Faith as expressed in the Roman Liturgy and even in Vatican II. 

Anathema's  proclaimed relating to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass during the 22nd Session of the Council of Trent

CANON I.–If any one saith, that in the mass a true and proper Sacrifice is not offered to God; or, that to be offered is nothing else but that Christ is given us to eat; let him be anathema.
CANON VI.–If any one saith, that the canon of the mass contains errors, and is therefore to be abrogated; let him be anathema.

That the Sacrifice of the Mass is propitiatory both for the living and the dead.

And forasmuch as, in this divine sacrifice which is celebrated in the mass, that same Christ is contained and immolated in an unbloody manner, who once offered Himself in a bloody manner on the altar of the cross; the holy Synod teaches, that this sacrifice is truly propitiatory and that by means thereof this is effected, that we obtain mercy, and find grace in seasonable aid, if we draw nigh unto God, contrite and penitent, with a sincere heart and upright faith, with fear and reverence. For the Lord, appeased by the oblation thereof, and granting the grace and gift of penitence, forgives even heinous crimes and sins. For the victim is one and the same, the same now offering by the ministry of priests, who then offered Himself on the cross, the manner alone of offering being different. The fruits indeed of which oblation, of that bloody one to wit, are received most plentifully through this unbloody one; so far is this (latter) from derogating in any way from that (former oblation). Wherefore, not only for the sins, punishments, satisfactions, and other necessities of the faithful who are living, but also for those who are departed in Christ, and who are not as yet fully purified, is it rightly offered, agreeably to a tradition of the apostles.

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