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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Bergoglio sins against the Holy Spirit by defying revealed Truth and by spreading heretical blasphemy against the communion of saints that promotes the sin of final impenitence

 Revelation 13:6

It opened its mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming his name and his dwelling, that is, those who dwell in heaven.


The apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio defines the "Communion of Saints" and includes apostates, heretics and blasphemous.
Final impenitence is a sin against the Holy Spirit. 

Francis' "Communion Of Saints" Includes Abortionists, National-Socialists, Racists

Every member of the Church is bound to each one of us, Francis told his public at the February 2 general audience, claiming that nothing and no one, not even death, can break this bond.

This is evidently a false statement. Francis added another nail to his coffin with the question 💀 “Those who have denied the faith, who are apostates, who are the persecutors of the Church, who have denied their baptism, are these also at home?” to which he answered, “Yes, these too. All of them. The blasphemers, all of them. We are brothers. This is the communion of saints.”💀

In other words: Francis preached that his "communion of saints" includes abortionists, National-Socialists and racists ("all of them"). The only exception are - thank God - the Roman Rite Catholics which Francis hates from the bottom of his heart.

The German mystical nun Anne-Catherine Emmerich described the false church as the communion of the profane, this is the communion of the anti-saints 

Everything is (in this "false church") fundamentally bad; it is the communion of the profane.

Bergoglio does not profess Catholic doctrine but contradicts it.
Catechism Saint Pius X
Of the ninth article of the Symbol
6th. Those Outside the Communion of Saints

225. Who are those who do not belong to the communion of Saints? The damned do not belong to the communion of saints in the other life, and in this life, those who are outside the true Church.

226. Who are outside the true Church? Outside the true Church are the infidels, the Jews, the heretics, the apostates, the schismatics and the excommunicated.

Pope Pius XII decreed in his Encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi, the Doctrine on the Mystical Body of Christ, that heresy and apostasy are serious sins that by their very nature separate man from the Body of the Church.

Bergoglio continues to promote the heresy of universalism. 

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