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Monday, August 8, 2022

Bergoglio, groveling before sodomy and paganism applies his Vengeful Rigidity against faithful Catholics

  Bergoglio suffers from an obsessive ideological fixation on rigidity.

Bergoglio's Vicious Rigidity

 There is a virtuous rigidity and a vicious rigidity.

Virtuous rigidity: It is behaving like men, not like amoebas.

Romans 1:25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator—

The main characteristic of the amoeba is that, since it does not have a cell wall, its shape varies.

The Buenos Aires historian Antonio Caponnetto, 70, wrote on NcSanJuanBautistas.com.ar (August 1) a Praise of Rigidity. Highlights.

(This news refers to Dr. Caponnetto's comment on a reply letter from Bergoglio to a courageous Argentine priest where he politely wrote to Bergoglio lamenting the unjust and tyrannical closure of the flourishing Catholic seminary of San Rafael in Argentina.)

• Francis suffers from an obsessive ideological fixation on rigidity.

• He cries out against “rigidity” but is the cruel head of a structure of stiffening, punishing and harshness against those he considers his contradictors.

• Francis’ rigidity is the self-righteous rigidity of the traitor of Christ and is directed against Catholics whom he never misses an opportunity to demean.

• The dictionary tells us that rigidity is the capacity of a body to resist bending under the action of external forces acting on its surface. Accordingly , therefore there is a holy rigidity practised by the saints and martyrs who didn’t bend before lies and confusion.

• There is a virtuous rigidity and a vicious rigidity.

• “A slap in the face can be the fruit of charity and a caress an invitation to sin" (Saint Augustine). Francis’ flexibility, appeasement, tenderness, syncretism, are such caresses.

• Asking Francis for a paternal, pontifical, pastoral, or charitable attitude, is like sending Christmas greetings to Herod, wishing happy Easter to Judas, or asking Caiaphas to prostrate himself before Calvary.

• Francis can give Catholics only the rigidity of the Synagogue, the inflexibility of Masonic sentences, and the vengeance of the Sanhedrin.

• Christ used the gall hand of his rigour and the sugar hand of his mercy to teach us to behave like men, not like amoebas.

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