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Friday, May 12, 2023

Bergoglio includes heretics and schismatics in his adulterated and falsified version of the Roman Martyrology

 Bergoglio's Idolatric Pantheon includes schismatics and heretics

Gloria TV News:

Francis held a May 11 prayer with the Coptic Pope Tawadros in the Vatican. He announced that 21 Copts beheaded in 2015 in Libya would henceforth be included in the Roman (!) Martyrology as "Catholic" saints.

This absurdity is for Francis "a sign of spiritual communion". In the Novus Ordo, the Roman Martyrology is not used anymore.

Francis admitted that the Tawadros Copts are not part of Christ’s Church as he expressed his hope that “the day is drawing near when we will be one in Christ.”

Copts are Monophysites who claim in their prayers that Christ had only "one nature", whereas in reality Christ unites in Himself both, the divine and the human nature.

Deuteronomy 32:17

Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition

 They sacrificed to devils and not to God: to gods whom they knew not: that were newly come up, whom their fathers worshipped not.

Bergoglio betrays the Church. This is how adulterers who have several concubines behave when they are unfaithful to their wife. Infidel Bergoglio builds each of his pagan concubines a temple to worship their false god.
 We know that the Anti-Church is a monkey imitating the Church, which is why Bergoglio builds an idolatrous Pantheon to mock Catholic saints. Bergoglio uses false canonizations for "populist reasons." His anti-Catholic list is headed by Judas the Traitor and the "cursed monk" Luther with all those who have rebelled against God and against the Church. Even Bergoglio declared Bishop Giuseppe Carraro venerable accused of sexually abusing disabled children.

Let us remember that the apostate Jorge Mario Bergoglio, defying God and Catholic doctrine, promoted an adulterated version of the "Communion of Saints" that includes apostates, heretics and blasphemers.

Bergoglio's anti-church is made up of unrepentant sinners who worship false saints, who have false sacraments, an adulterated rite, who worship a false Christ who leads them to perdition.

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