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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Cruz Victim of sexual abuse of Karadima / Gay LGBT activist, assures that Bergoglio confirmed him in his homosexuality


 May 19, 2018 In an interview in the newspaper EL PAIS, the media spokesperson for the victims of Karadima recounts his private meetings with Bergoglio: "Juan Carlos, that you are gay does not matter.  God made you like that and he loves you like that and I do not care.  The Pope wants you like that, you have to be happy with who you are." 

This is a heretical blasphemy Bergoglio attributes to God.  To state that God made homosexual people is to attribute God with creating people who commit abominable sin that is hated by God himself.  In others words, he accuses God of making man commit sin instead of man choosing sin. 

Juan Carlos Cruz former Chilean seminarian after the sexual abuse became a Gay and a Journalist and now is a LGBT activist, that supports homosexuality and same sex pseudo marriage. 

This case of sexual abuse in Chile, smells bad when we know that in Mexico Bergoglio snubbed the victims of sexual abuse. Now when we see that a victim of the sexual abuse of the pedophile Karadima was covered up by 'current' Chilean Bishop Juan Barros; and the victim has since become a gay LGBT activistNo one cared to restore his sexuality and no one seeked his repentance.  As the news reports out of Chile show, Bergoglio "did not mention abortion rights, same-sex marriage or gender identity, three issues over which Chilean lawmakers have sparred in recent months. But he called on Chile to “listen to migrants who are knocking on the door of this country in search of a better life, and at the same time, with the strength and hope to build a better future for all.”

Why doesn't the Church use the money to rehabilitate the victims so that they abandon the vice of homosexuality? Why has not anyone called Juan Carlos Cruz to abandon the sin of homosexuality? Why they have not paid to victims of Same-Sex Attraction reparative therapy costs either?

The 31 serving bishops and three retired bishops signed a joint letter of resignation on Friday. 

Bergoglio lied and covered them up by accusing Osorno of being a fool.  You now have these multiple scapegoats appear and renounce as a group without a single person to pay the price for justice for the crimes of concealment of child sexual abuse that is paid with jail not just with their resignation.  Plus, they must be laicized.

These Chilean bishops had already fallen into apostasy worshiping pagan gods and illicitly continued to occupy a position they should have lost before because of the crime of apostasy.

Scandal in Chile "bishops" adore a pagan divinity, participating actively to a witchlike-pagan rite in honour of the god

But nobody makes fun of God with impunity.

Bergoglio we are also waiting for your resignation.

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  1. What Cruz is affirming is very serious because he is demonstrating one of two things: first, affirming the apostasy of Bergoglio, or that Cruz is a false witness and he is lying losing his credibility in his own case of sexual abuse. So if Bergoglio does not clarify this, he would be demonstrating that what Cruz affirms is true and that he is not only a heretic but has completely apostatized from the Catholic faith. And if it were a lie, why doesn't Bergoglio speak up and correct Cruz's words which would save the Chilean Bishops caught up in this mass resignation. We already know that third parties do Bergolio's speaking and have yet to clarifying anything.

    Previous actions from Argentina showing history:
    -The heretical nun from Argentina Martha Pelloni who states that Bergoglio recommends the sterilization of the tubal ligation and the use of condoms.
    -The Negation of Hell revealed by the Atheist Scalfari, etc., etc.
    -The adulters from Argentina whom Bergoglio authorized to receive sacrilegious communion.


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