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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Monsignor Livi points out that it is absurd to claim that Francis is pope because the Holy Spirit wanted it so. Livi puts this orchestrated election in the context of the “Sankt Gallen Group”

Monsignor Antonio Livi, a professor of philosophy and former dean at the Lateran University in Rome, has made some incisive and strong statements concerning the papacy of Pope Francis. He claims that this pope was put into his office in order to protestantize the Church; he says that the pope is putting “the worst heretics” at the top of the Church; and he also states that the post-conciliar popes all had sympathies for neo-Modernism.
Monsignor Livi made these statements in an interview with Gloria.tv – whose content Gloria.tv published in English in three installments, from 25 April until 10 May (here, here, and here). The English reports are mostly summaries of the interview, with some direct quotes from Livi. Livi himself posted the Gloria.tv interview conducted in the Italian language on his own website.
On 25 May, Gloria.tv reported on Monsignor Livi’s words concerning Pope Francis’s election. He claims that Francis was elected to carry out a “reform in the Lutheran sense.” In this newly protestantized Church, Livi sees that the sacred will be replaced by politics. As Gloria.tv says, Livi is convinced of an orchestrated election of Pope Francis:
On the basis of many historical witnesses Monsignor Livi is “absolutely certain” that the election of Pope Francis was orchestrated. He also points out that it is absurd to claim that Francis is pope because the Holy Spirit wanted it so. “The Holy Spirit inspires everybody so that they may do good, but not everybody who is inspired by the Holy Spirit effectively does good.”
In the Italian version of this interview, Livi puts this orchestrated election in the context of the “Sankt Gallen Group,” and he also mentions, with regard to the protestantization of the Church, Cardinals Walter Kasper and Reinhard Marx.
Monsignor Livi also explains that Cardinal Kasper – who is known for his heterodox views – was chosen by Pope Francis as the main inspirator for the two family synods in Rome and that this fact alone indicates Pope Francis’ planned election which will finally lead to the recognition of Luther, and to the creation of a Mass without consecration. As Gloria.tv’s report continues:
According to Livi this revolution was already planned in the early sixties. The last fifty years were marked by the activity of “evil and heretical” theologians in order to conquer power. “Now they have conquered it.”
In their 7 May installment, Gloria.tv covers Monsignor Livi’s words concerning post-conciliar popes and their sympathies for neo-Modernism. As the Catholic television channel says, Livi “pointed out that all popes since the Second Vatican Council have had an attitude of esteem regarding heretical neo-modernism, including Benedict XVI who confessed that he basically agreed with the heretical theologian Karl Rahner.” Livi does “absolutely not” believe that Joseph Ratzinger’s own theology could lead us out of the current crisis. For Livi, Ratzinger is a theologian who is under neo-Protestant influence and who is opposed to the old Scholastic theology which has a more rational, rather than sentimental approach to the understanding of the faith, as Gloria.tv. thus sums up Livi’s own words. As Gloria.tv explains:
According to Livi, the documents published by Benedict XVI are theology, not magisterial documents. In these documents, Benedict XVI discusses with other theologians and he is less interested to re-propose the Catholic faith and to defend it from errors. Further, Livi points out that Benedict XVI spent months and months of his short pontificate to write theological books which he published as a private man.
Furthermore, Monsignor Livi regrets in this interview that, since the time of Pope John XXIII, the Church started thinking that she has to “translate” Catholic dogma into a new language that could be understood by “modern man.” Yet, for Livi, this “modern man” is a “myth.”
Livi also regrets that the pastoral decisions proposed since Vatican II have often been turned into a set of effectively infallible doctrines which one may not criticize. Those who dared criticizing these post-conciliar pastoral decisions were in various ways “oppressed.”
In the last, 10 May report on this longer Livi interview, Gloria.tv quotes Monsignor Livi as saying that Pope Francis is promoting the “worst heretics.” He points out that the persecution inside the Church is increasing, and he adds that Pope Francis accuses of “heresy” those who are faithful to Catholic doctrine and who fight confusion. Livi also said that Pope Francis promotes to the top of the Church “the worst heretics” and that his encyclicals are being written by “the worst heretics.” As Gloria.tv. says:
According to Livi, those who profess the integral Catholic Faith are now often forbidden to give talks, and their publications are hidden away in the Catholic bookstores. “All the official Catholic media in Italy ostracize the solid Catholic doctrine.” Livi further states that it has become “habitual” to sack theology professors for being “too Catholic.”
Monsignor Livi also honors journalists like Marco Tosatti – a former colleague of Andrea Tornielli at the Italian newspaper La Stampa – when he says that he is now poor because he did not join the Bergoglio camp; however, Andrea Tornielli, who had previously been more of a defender of Catholic positions, has now made his own “choice of convenience” and has become Pope Francis’ court journalist.
Just like Tosatti, Livi adds: “I am also poor.” The Lateran University refused to pay a pension to Livi. This leaves him with a minimal state pension, according to Gloria.tv.
Monsignor Livi is one of the 250 signatories of the Filial Correction which had been issued in September of 2017 and which accuses Pope Francis of “the propagation of heresies effected by the apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia and by other words, deeds and omissions.” He is an outspoken critic of Pope Francis, rebuking him for ambiguous statements that seem to please the world, and Livi also states that Holy Communion should be received on the tongue, and in a kneeling position. Moreover, at the beginning of the year 2018, the Vatican specialist Sandro Magister published an article in which Monsignor Livi is quoted as a critic of Pope Benedict XVI and his theology.

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