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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A New Vileness: Bergoglio will ´beatify´ an Argentine Marxist friend

A New Vileness: The Beatification of Bishop Angelelli

A new vileness from Francis comes to pierce our souls, and especially the souls of the Argentines. It is about the decree regarding the beatification of Monsignor Enrique Angelelli. We are due to say some words, even knowing that better quills will oblige later on.
The first thing we have to mention is that Angelelli isn’t a martyr. To be a martyr means to give your life for Christ. You die because of your faith – that is to say, “in hatred of the faith.” Saint Thomas Aquinas explains this well when he writes of hatred pro fide credenda and pro fide agenda.
Neither of these applies to the bishop of La Rioja (a state in Argentina). He didn’t die defending the Catholic Faith, nor did he die in the hands of the dictatorship that at that time ruled the country. He died in a car accident. There are witnesses: Raúl Alberto Nacuzi, who was present at the moment of the accident because he was doing maintenance on an electrical high-tension pole, and Carlos Alberto Arzola, who was one of the first to arrive to the incident. Also there are Primitivo Reynoso and Aber Fabio Luna, who were working close by. The mechanic of Chamical advised P. Pinto, who drove the small truck and was Angelelli’s chauffer, not to drive because of the bad shape of the tires on that vehicle. Similar testimony came from from a mechanical expert, Ramón Antonio Soria, and a forensic doctor, Dr. Enzo Herrera Paez.
Finally, on April 20 of 1990, the Appellate Court of the State of Cordoba declared it impossible to prove that the cause of the accident was anything other than the mechanical malfunction of the car, even though there were allegations that the accident was provoked on purpose.
Who was Angelelli?
He was among the radicalized religious who brought Marxism to the Catholic Church in Argentina. He supported the third-world Liberation Theology cause dating from 1957, when he contacted the PAX movement.
In La Rioja, he was well known as “Bishop Satan-elli” (as opposed to “Angel”-elli). His maneuvers and those of his fellows on the same train of ideology were exposed by the magazine Cabildo, then representing Catholic nationalism in Argentina. And let us not forget Carlos Sacheri, in his book The Clandestine Church, who also exposed this eminent threat inside the Church. It cost him his life.
Sacheri really is a martyr, but Francis and his Episcopate…mutis canes Dei.
The pope and his apostate acolytes know the true subversive plan of Marxist ideology to infiltrate the Church, among other institutions and society as a whole. Neither Angelelli nor his priests worked for the poor; they took advance of them because they were uneducated. They saw the perfect Petri dish to start a revolution. Their preaching sowed hate, violence, terror, and death. They poisoned with rancor and hatred the hearts of many to the point of transforming them into murderers. They fought to change the Church to be anthropocentric, temporal, naturalist, materialist, and secular – in short, to make the Catholic Church bend to serve Marxism.
This is the man the pope proposes.
Francis, Francis! You have provoked a new scandal. It looks as though you are determined to scatter the herd.
Editor’s note OnePeterFive: This article originally appeared in Spanish at Adelante la Fe. It is translated here by Adriana Marie Mandon and published with permission.

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