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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Saint Anthony of Padua judges Bergoglio´s heretical teachings


…judges Francis’ idea on Jesus asking forgiveness from his parents

  • Jesus was always subject to St. Joseph and to the Virgin

Subject to whom? To a carpenter and a poor virgin. The First and the Last, the Lord of angels: subject to men! The Creator of heaven subject to a carpenter! The God of eternal glory to a poor and lowly virgin! Whoever heard anything like it? Whoever has seen anything like it? […] To be truly wise is to go down, to come to Nazareth, to be subject and to obey perfectly. This should be the sum of your wisdom, which is to be wise unto sobriety (Rom 12:3). (Saint Anthony of Padua. Sermon Second Sunday after Christmas, no. 13.14, (Sermons for Sundays and Saints’ feast days – pg. 62)

…judges Francis’ idea on our sins drawing us close to Jesus

  • He who eats unworthily, eats damnation to himself

Unhappy he, who comes in to this banquet without the wedding garment (cf. Mt 22:11) of charity or penitence, because ‘he who eats unworthily, eats damnation to himself’ (cf.1Cor 11:29). What fellowship has light with darkness? (cf. 2Cor 6:14-15); Judas the traitor with the Savior? ‘The hand of him that betrayeth me is with me on the table’ (Lk22:21). It is written in Exodus: ‘Every beast,’ and therefore the man also who has made himself similar to the beasts, ‘that should touch the mountain,’ that is the body of Christ, ‘should be stoned,’ that is damned (cf. Heb 12:20; cf. Ex 19:12-13). (Saint Anthony of Padua. Sermon on the Lord’s Supper: Allegorical Sermon, 6English)

…judges Francis’ idea on contemplative life

  • The active life was instituted for the contemplative life

The contemplative life is not instituted for the active, but the active for the contemplative. (Saint Anthony of Padua, Sermons for Sundays and Festivals, Volume 1, Third Sunday after Easter, no. 14)

…judges Francis’ idea on First Holy Communion

  • It is necessary to firmly believe in the Eucharist and to orally confess it

This is what the universal Church does today, for which is prepared today by Christ on Mount Sion a splendid and sumptuous banquet, that is, with a double richness: interior and exterior, and abundant. He gave his true body, rich in all spiritual power and filled with interior and exterior charity; and commanded it to be given to that those who believe in Him. That is why one must firmly believe and orally confess that the body, which the Virgin bore, which hung on the cross, lay in the sepulcher, resurrected on the third day and rose into heaven to the right hand of the Father, He, today, really gave it to his apostles; and the Church, everyday, really consecrates and distributes it to the faithful. (Saint Anthony of Padua. Sermo de Cena Domini, Sermo Allegoricus II, no. 6 Spanish)

St. Anthony of Padua, 'Hammer of Heretics,' protect us from the snares of this heretic anti-pope.

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