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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Again, Bergoglio calls these “sins of youth” and “not crimes.”

August 7, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) -- As a mother with the God-given responsibility to bring to holiness seven children and share in the responsibility of 26 grandchildren, I am dismayed to hear Pope Francis’ recent statement that some of the homosexual activities within seminaries are “sins of youth” and “not crimes.” When the sin is against youth, and power by elders is involved, this seems to be a crime against youth.  
As Christians, we are called to saintliness. We are taught to avoid offending the Lord, which means to abide by His Commandments. There are the first 10 and then the new ones, given by Jesus Himself.
Based upon Commandments 6 and 9, which make very plain how much sexual sins offend God, the New Law of love refines these to show how important is purity. As Christians, we are to value and preserve not only our own but that of others.  
He who destroys the innocence or purity of another, particularly the young, deserves worse, according to Our Lord, than a millstone around the neck and to be thrown into the sea.
For the seduction and introduction into disgusting homosexual practices of young seminarians who have entered the seminary with the highest vocations, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick and others like him are due the punishment of the millstone.
Instead, McCarrick was elected to lead the ‘investigation’ into ‘abuse’!
Again, Pope Francis calls these “sins of youth” and “not crimes.” Pope Francis considers, from his high position, that only destroying the innocence of “minors” constitutes a “crime.” Lawyer talk -- now they call it “vatican-speak” -- to cover what has truly been a crime against the Church.
That an entire generation of young vocations following the call of St. John Paul II to renew the Church with a fresh vision of the Gospel message should have been pressured, seduced, convinced to lower themselves to revolting, lewd practices as they slowly accepted that these must be a part of priestly life … is a horrific crime!  
It is a crime against the youth.   
It is a crime against families who entrust their children and their very souls to those priests.  
It is a crime against the Church.
It is, worst of all, a crime against God.
We are supposed to pray for sinners. I am not sure we were enjoined by Jesus to pray for those deserving of the millstone treatment.  
I will pray for Pope Francis, however, for the error of putting in positions of great importance so many men with perverted thinking … men who have been doing these things, allowing them to continue, or just standing silent, as a generation of young people are led to serious sin and distance from God.
He must rescind a number of appointments. He should do so before the hungry press and angry Catholics bring out the sordid private lives of those he has named to all the positions having to do with sexuality.
He must do this before Dublin, or I fear the scandal will deepen. The youth do not deserve this. Families do not deserve this. The Church certainly does not deserve this.
Christine de Marcellus Vollmer is a former member of the Pontifical Academy for Life and the Pontifical Council for Family and current vice president for the John Paul II Academy for Human Life and the Family.

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