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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Irish street vendor: "There is a lot of anger over the visit" "Pope’s not selling" "The sale is very slow"

In Ireland Bergoglio has no popularity only tourists support him

Crux Pope’s not selling

Few people in a city know its mood better than street vendors, and by that measure the excitement in Dublin ahead of Francis’s arrival on Saturday seems notable mostly for its absence.
On Henry Street, a bustling downtown area known for its lively array of stalls, Jacinta Judge reported that few people are buying the array of papal products she’d laid in. She’s already reduced the price of Pope Francis t-shirts to 6 Euro, she said, and has only sold four papal flags all week. She’s also returned most of the yellow and white-colored bunting she ordered.
“There’s just so much talk about the abuse,” she said. “There is no atmosphere around this visit, none of the excitement of the last time,” referring to when St. John Paul II visited Ireland in 1979.
“The only people buying stuff are tourists,” she said.
Marion White, another vendor, agreed
“It’s very slow,” she said. “There’s a lot of anger about the visit.”
“It’s completely different this time” in comparison to 1979, White said. “But then, we’re a very different country.”

Society of Saint Pius X: Knock And It Shall Not Be Opened

The Shrine of Knock will be the place where the heresiarch Bergoglio will pronounce the Angelus on August 26: it is estimated that there will be 35 thousand participants, compared to the 400 thousand that received Pope John Paul II in 1979.

Society of Saint Pius X: Knock And It Shall Not Be Opened

en.news The SSPX annual pilgrimage to Our Lady of Knock, Ireland, was disrupted on Saturday (16th September 2017) by Shrine officials refusing entry to priests and laity.

For the first time in over ten years the SSPX was forced to celebrate Mass in the car park of an obliging local café. For the first time ever the Rosary was prayed on the Main Street, which runs adjacent to the Shrine while shrine security ensured that the group did not enter the shrine grounds.

According to the blog "God does not die!" Father Richard Gibbons, the rector of shrine, has no problem inviting Anglicans, Presbyterians and Muslims, who do not accept the Church’s teachings on Our Lady to participate in services or even to lead them.

The Washington Post requests the resignation of Wuerl and Bergoglio for the sexual abuse case of the homosexual predator McCarrick

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