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Friday, October 26, 2018

Chinese authorities destroyed two Marian shrines after Wicked Pact of Bergoglio's recognition of excommunicated 'bishops' appointed by the communist government

Roma (AsiaNews) - China-Vatican accord followed by the destruction of two shrines in Shanxi and Guizhou

 – Chinese authorities tore down two shrines dedicated to Our Lady. One is Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows in Dongergou (Shanxi), and the other is Our Lady of Bliss (pictured), also known as Our Lady of the Mountain, in Anlong (Guizhou).
The two pilgrimage sites, used by both official and underground communities, were demolished just a few weeks after China and Vatican signed an agreement on episcopal appointments.
Reports and videos showing the destruction became public today. The shrine of the Seven Sorrows was apparently destroyed today.
Some Catholic believers told AsiaNews that the shrine in Dongergou was torn down in the name of "sinicisation". For the authorities, there were "too many crosses" and "too many holy paintings" and so they had to go.
The shrine of Our Lady of the Mountain in Anlong was destroyed because the authorities said it lacked the necessary building permits.
One video shows a crane lifting statues in the first shrine; in the other, jackhammers can be heard demolishing the building’s facade.
A week ago, the faithful in Anlong had asked Catholics around the world to pray for their shrine to save it from destruction.
The sinicisation campaign began last February, with new regulations on religious activities. The destruction of churches, crosses, paintings, etc. began in Henan, Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia and spread to Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other provinces.
Since the Sino-Vatican agreement was signed, the pace of destruction has increased. According to various observers, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association and the United Front – which are in charge of religious activities – have launched a campaign to wreck the agreement.

The traitor Bergoglio turned his back on the martyred Church of Chinese Catholic faithful while joining the apostate church of the communists.  

Cardinal Zen: Pope’s agreement invites the ‘annihilation of the real Church in China’

Francis Made “Substantive Concessions” to Communist Regime

Vatican Confirms: Catholic Church in China Will Be Sacrificed to Regime

“How Can The Vatican Negotiate While China Keeps Demolishing Churches?”

Once again it is proven that the apostate and heresiarch Bergoglio makes illicit transactions with the world abusing a power that he does not have.  It is what the Word of God calls 'fornication with the world' and that is why it calls it the anti-church 'the Great Harlot of Babylon'.  

 Bergoglio cannot lift any excommunication because he himself is already excommunicated because in Argentina  he was a Marxist Collaborationist and conspired with communists and for being a member of the Masonic Rotary club, among other acts of apostasy and public heresy.  

Bergoglio accuses the political prisoners who fought against Communism with crimes of Lesa Humanity and defends Marxist terrorists.

Pope Pius XI– The Communist system, with its authors and abettors condemned
-Communism is intrinsically wrong and no one may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever.
Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
  • Formal prohibition to join or favor Communist Parties – latae sententiae excommunication

 If an excommunicated communist government can appoint 'bishops' where is the apostolic succession ? 
This action demonstrated Bergoglio's impossibility of making this illicit agreement that annuls the apostolic succession and desecrates the sacrament of Holy order, where Bergoglio challenges Christ and mocks the Catholic faith and the laws of the Church to invent his own priesthood, a fraudulent priesthood where the imposition of the hands of a legitimate successor of the apostles is no longer necessary. Where an communist who is automatically excommunicated becomes a 'bishop' by the communist State while remaining a communist at the service of the communist government. 

New Hong Kong Bishop Surrenders to Chinese Communists

Francis Accepts Chinese State Bishop Openly Living in Concubinage

Vatican Asked Catholic Bishops To Resign In Favour Of State Bishops

 Here the prophecies of Rome becoming the seat of the antichrist under a perverse communist government are coming to fruition.

Cardinal Joseph Zen to the underground bishops and priests of China: “Go home, and pray with your family,” he said. “Till the soil. Wait for better times. Go back to the catacombs. Communism isn’t eternal.”

Freemason Eliph Levi Said in 1862: 
"A day will come when the pope, inspired by the Holy Spirit will declare that all the excommunications are lifted and all the anathemas are retracted, when all the Christians will be united within the Church, when the Jews and Moslems will be blessed and called back to Her . . . She will permit all sects to approach Her by degrees and will embrace all mankind in the communion of her love and prayers. Then, Protestants will no longer exist. Against what will they be able to protest? The sovereign pontiff will then be truly king of the religious world, and he will do whatever he wishes with all the nations of the earth."

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