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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Apostasy: Shaman "Blesses" Participants of Amazon Pre-Synod With Mumbo-Jumbo

In Colombia, the bishops and nuns let themselves be conjured by a shaman in preparation for the A-masonic synod.

The First Commandment of God
Lesson 16 from the Baltimore Cathechism
205How does a Catholic sin against faith? A Catholic sins against faith by apostasy, heresy, indifferentism, and by taking part in non-Catholic worship.

Prophecy of Our Lady of La Salette Fulfilled:

 “Several will abandon the faith, and a great number of priests and members of religious orders will break away from the true religion; among these people there will even be bishops”.

en.news Isidoro Jajoy, a Shaman from Colombia's Inga tribe, “blessed” participants of an Amazon Synod preparatory meeting in Bogota on August 14.

According to Catholic News Service the meeting was an opportunity for bishops who will attend the Synod to receive proposals and speak to residents of the Amazon region.

Mundabor.Wordpress.com called the shamanic rite a “prostitution of Christianity.”

“These people are selling our religion to the cult of earth, the approval of the world, and the rituals of savages.”

The Colombian episcopal conference in complicity with this act of public apostasy shared several photos of the pagan ritual on theirs Website and on their Flickr account.

Handpicked by Bergoglio

  • Pro Gay Pedro Ricardo Barreto Jimeno vice president of the Pan-Amazonian church Network, or REPAM

  • The apostate Bishop Joaquin Pinzon Guiza of Puerto Leguizamo-Solano 

Another of the main participants in the pagan ritual was the Apostate Oscar Urbina Ortega, Archbishop of Villavicencio and President of the Episcopal Conference. 

Indigenous priest who receives Bergoglio's support relies on the Amazonian's Instrumentum Laboris to violate the First Commandment and commit apostasy 


Francis: “I don’t go to the Doctor, I go to the Witch!”

With these acts of apostasy that directly attack the deposit of faith, we can verify:

  • First, Bergoglio never assumed the papal functions of preserving the deposit of faith inviolable, but is acting as a criminal who marries a woman only to assassinate her and keep her inheritance.  Bergoglio hates the Catholic Church and is a lover of the anti-church whom he serves faithfully. With what is proved again is the illegitimacy of the papacy of Bergoglio.

You can imagine a shameless man who says publicly that he does not remember having sworn to be faithful to his wife on their wedding day. In other words, while a premarital course is required to get marry, Bergoglio admits that he has no preparation to assume the papacy so much that he is not aware of having an oath of fidelity to the Church to become the pope of the bride of Christ.

  • Second, Bergoglio and his accomplices commit the unforgivable sin of Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Remember that within the Sins against the Holy Spirit are presumption, obstinacy, resisting Truth, and envy of another’s spiritual welfare.  
         °The presumption of being saved without merit
         Presumption (glory without merit, that is, hope of salvation without keeping the Commandments, or expectation of pardon for sin without repentance)
        °Obstinacy is resisting the Holy Spirit, being stubborn and persisting in sin. (Willful persisting in wickedness, and running on from sin to sin, after sufficient instructions and admonition);
        °Impugning the known truth. Resisting the truth can take various forms: attacking it by word or argument; contradicting it; challenging it as false. 
        °Envy of another’s spiritual welfare in effect involves questioning God’s judgment about the gifts he distributes. (sadness or repining at another's growth in virtue and perfection)
      °The final impenitence. The specific purpose of not repenting a sin.

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