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Monday, November 25, 2019

So far, Cardinal Sarah has ignored the request to perform an exorcism on Saint Peter's Basilica and on Santa Maria in Traspontina's church

Don Nichola Bux: "Perform an Exorcism on Saint Peter's Basilica"

Monday, November 18, 2019

St. Peter's Basilica is to be exorcised to cleanse him of the demons. This is the advice of the well-known liturgist Don Nicola Bux for the Santa Marta after the PachamamagateThe counselor and personal friend of Benedict XVI. explains why this is necessary. Bruno Volpe from La Fede Quotidiana spoke with him.
Q: Monsignor Bux, in some pictures you can see the controversial Pachamama not only in the Roman church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, but also in Saint Peter. What do you think?
Don Nicola Bux: "The true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth; for that is how the Father wants to be worshiped "(Jn 4:23).
"In the Spirit" means that worship is not limited to a sacred place, like the Temple of Jerusalem for the Jews. "In truth" means that it is not contaminated by idolatry or syncretism, something created by our hands. The church is not just a gathering place, but the dwelling place of God among the people. That is why it is called the "house of God." It is the "heaven that descends to earth," the presence of the Lord coming to save. The annual consecration day of a church commemorates this. That is the Catholic identity: if it is lost, everything is destined for collapse.

A sacrilege was committed, that is, a holy place was desecrated or unworthily treated. Sacrilege is a grave sin, says the Catechism of the Catholic Church, especially when it is directed against the Eucharist (CCC, 2120), which is present, preserved and worshiped in the churches. The sacred space helps man not to forget God: If the church, as it has been for several decades, becomes a multipurpose hall for concerts, conferences, and other human protagonism, where does man go to seek God?
The Communists have transformed the churches into ballrooms, gymnasiums, factories, etc., so that the human soul stops in its search for man and stops searching for God. If it is the clergy themselves who put an idol on the throne in caricature of the true God and the work of Satan, then, as the Scriptures teach, the Lord will surely leave the temple, and a cleansing will be necessary to bring Him back.
The temple is a symbol of our soul: if we defile it with demonic acts, the Holy Spirit gives it up. Let us not forget what the apostle writes in admirable words:

"He who spoils the temple of God, God will destroy him. For the temple of God is holy and you are" (1 Cor 3:17).
Cardinal Sarah, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments, could perform an exorcism in St. Peter's Basilica, thus purifying the basilica.

To Cardinal Sarah Anonymous author.

Oh, Sarah, Sarah ... that you are dumb before the coven of every Holy Thursday where Bergoglio washes the feet of unrepentant transvestites and then before your sight they commit Eucharistic sacrilege by giving them the Holy Eucharist. Poor souls

Oh! Sarah, Sarah ... that you are mute and do not act before the abomination of the idols in Rome, who desecrated the Basilica of St. Peter.


Oh! Sarah, Sarah ... who to believe? To the Sarah who writes beauties of the liturgy or to the Sarah who mute allows aberrations and liturgical abominations in Rome?

Oh! Sarah, Sarah, will you oppose Jesus Christ by signing the "new Pachamazonic rite," the liturgy of "deaconesses and married men"?

Oh! Sarah, Sarah is always good to remind the apostle that on Good Friday he ended up hanging from a tree, of his own will...

Oh! Sarah, Sarah ... you're right, as you said you don't oppose Bergoglio and we're stupid.
Vatican, Rome: Pope Francis Pope francis poses with Cardinal Robert Sarah
Ouch Sarah, Sarah who are the stupid ones, those who follow Jesus Christ or those who follow the Profane Heretic you serve? (published by a user in Religión la Voz Libre)

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