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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Apostate hierarchs pay tribute to one of their own


Decadent Catholic Hierarchs Pay Tribute To One Of Their Own

The Pontifical Academy for Life, headed by anti-Catholic Archbishop Paglia celebrated the "achievements" of anti-Catholic Father Hans Küng who died on April 6.

The joke Academy published on Twitter.com Küng's picture with the claim, “A great figure in last century's theology has died, whose ideas and analyses must always make us reflect on the Catholic Church, the Churches, the society, the culture.”

Anti-Catholic Limburg Bishop Bätzing, Germany's presiding bishop, praised Küng’s commitment to “lived ecumenism,” and inter-religious dialogue. Bätzing thanked for many years of commitment as a "Catholic" theologian in "communicating the Gospel” claiming that Küng leaves behind a "rich theological legacy."

In reality, Küng was not a theologian but an exceedingly vain theological journalist whose writings aimed at pleasing this world's rich and powerful, and contributed to the decline of the Church in the rich countries. 
Our Lady's prophecy at La Salette:

Many will abandon the faith, and the number of priests and religious who will dissociate themselves from the true religion will be great… Many religious institutes will lose the faith entirely and will cause the loss of many souls.

Hans Küng (1928-2021)
Vatican II "Theologian": This time we are going to stay in the Church, and we are going to dismantle the Catholic Church from within.


Infocatólica: «The Pontifical Academy for Life praises Hans Küng even though he was a supporter of euthanasia
What will be next? Posthumous eulogy from some abortionist?»

Catholics call for the resignation of Vincenzo Paglia for praising Marco Pannella, champion of abortion and euthanasia in Italy 

On 18th May 2007 he received a public award from the Freemasons. On this occasion a Masonic Grand Master said to Hans Küng: “You speak from our Masonic soul.” 

The conferment of this award evoked among others even the reaction of the Catholics in the Czech Republic (CR):

“Hans Küng not only is not a Catholic but he is no longer a Christian. Denying the Divinity of Christ and putting Him on equal level with Mohammed or Buddha – this is no longer Christian. If even in spite of this he is still allowed to serve as a Catholic priest, administer the sacraments, confess and sermonize, then it is downright scandalous.” (Dr. Radomír Malý)  Dr. Radomír Malý was born in 1947 and today is a well-known and respected Catholic academician and journalist in the Czech Republic)

Hans Küng 's anti-Catholic quotes against the Holy Trinity have been cited by Jehovah's Witnesses in Watchtower booklet: "Should you believe in the Trinity?"

The heresiarch Hans Küng defied the dogmatic Council of Trent without even caring that the Council's anathemas fell upon him. He called for the rehabilitation of the heresiarch Luther.

The heresiarch and schismatic Hans Küng challenged the Church and rejected the dogma of Papal infallibility with the support of Bergoglio. 

Bergoglio accompanied him to commit the sin against the Holy Spirit of contesting the revealed Truth, to commit the sin of presumption  and strengthened him in his obstinacy until reaching the final impenitence. 

The apostate Hans Küng Dead at 93 called to  Judgment

“Give an account of thy stewardship…” (Lk 16:2)

Novus Ordo Watch:

In December of 2013, the German magazine Der Spiegel had interviewed Kung and asked him if he was going to heaven, considering that he is reputed to be a heretic. Kung’s answer was presumptuous of his eternal salvation, denied the existence of hell, and, of course, rejected the idea that he is a heretic:

SPIEGEL: Professor Küng, will you go to Heaven?

Küng: Well I certainly hope so. [German: “Das hoffe ich doch sehr.” NOW comment: The way the answer is phrased in German suggests not the theological virtue of hope but a presumption that he is deserving of Heaven and it would be an affront to him should he not be admitted.]

SPIEGEL: What would indicate that you will go to hell [instead] is you being a heretic in the eyes of the Church.

Küng: I am not a heretic but a critical reform theologian, who, in contrast to many of his critics, does not use medieval theology, liturgy, and canon law as his standard but the Gospel.

SPIEGEL: Does hell even exist?

Küng: All the talk about hell is a warning that a man can completely miss the meaning of his life. I do not believe in an eternal hell.

SPIEGEL: If hell means losing the meaning of life, then that is a fairly earthly conception.

Küng: Sartre says that hell is other people. Men make their own hell, for example in wars like in Syria or also in an unscrupulous capitalism.

(Hans Kung, “Ich hänge nicht an diesem Leben, Der Spiegel, Dec. 9, 2013; underlining added; our translation.) 

Towards the end of his life, Kung was contemplating suicide, since he was gradually going blind and could no longer read and write properly:


TIA :The Progressivist Challenge to Fatima   

(Apostate) Fr. Hans Küng also wrote against Fatima. Here, in one of his many texts, he accused Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta, as well as Catholics who believe in Fatima, of being Montanisnts and Joaquinists – two different heresies of the past about the end times: 

“As in Montanism, some post-Trent seers became known for their apocalyptical ideas (prophecies of an approaching end times, a great war, a terrible catastrophe or the conversion of Russia). Their devotees were at the same time terrified and fascinated – and this is one of the reasons for their astonishing success. As in Montanism, the post-Trent seers also presented rigorous moral demands: condemnation of the world and a call for extraordinary acts of mortification to avoid chastisements …. 

“As in Joaquinism, ones finds a mystical interpretation of numbers and related calculations: e.g. important events have taken place on the 13th day of the month …. As in Joaquinism, it has been considered necessary to make new associations to spread ideas according to which some particular form of piety (an image, devotion or a medal) is considered as important as the Word of God witnessed in Scriptures.” (6) 

Archbishop Viganò: We are witnessing creation of a ‘new church’

September 13, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) There has been a campaign to “infiltrate” the Church “that goes back centuries,” Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said in a interview with Dr. Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican.

...Viganò explained that at the opening of the Second Vatican Council, Jesuit Cardinal Augustin Bea was involved in influencing the bishops “to put aside the schemas which had been prepared by the various offices of the Roman Curia, in order to draft new schema.”

The new plans had been “prepared by theologians especially from northern Europe, Hans Küng, Karl Rahner, and others,” said Viganò, referring to two notable left-wing theologians.

“This was the beginning of an opening, the first break in the wall of the procedure that had been established, in the process of creating a new Church,” he said.

Bergoglio Favors homosexual hierarchy



Viganò: Coccopalmerio and Paglia are homosexuals who belong to the “Gay Mafia”

⚠ The apostate sodomite Vincenzo Paglia Would “Hold Hands” With Euthanasia Candidate 


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  1. TIA: The miserablist revolution of Pope Bergoglio "Bergoglio's miserablist tendencies are reason enough to make him popular with theologians such as Leonardo Boff and Hans Küng. Boff, told ANSA (March 14, 2013) that the election of Francis I is a positive fact since "it represents the arrival of the third millennium into the Church, which must forget about power and give priority to the poor." He added: "Pope Francis has a name of hope. Choosing this name, Card. Bergoglio, a man known for his simplicity, is showing us his wisdom; this name signals a whole program that announces hope for the Church."

    In his turn, Hans Küng, stated to Notimex (March 14, 2013) that the election of Francis I "represents a well established hope to reform the Church, which is facing one of her most profound crises."


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