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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila: Marriage without procreation can be used to justify anything


en.news Denver Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila has explained at “Converging Roads,” a Catholic healthcare conference, that marriage without procreation can be used to justify bestiality.

Article written by the anti-Catholic Madeleine Schmidt and Gabrielle Bye: "Among the speakers at the April 10 conference was Denver Archbishop Samuel Aquila, a highly active anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ advocate".

According to (the AntiCatholic) ColoradoTimesRecorder.com (April 19), Aquila said that "once you remove children from the equation you can justify anything, so you get the polyamorous, you get polygamy, you can have your pet dog as your spouse, and it’s insane.”

The Archbishop is an outspoken voice against the homosexual vice. He admitted in January 2019 that “active homosexuality in the priesthood” is a contributing factor for clerical homosexual abuse and supported healing of homosexuals.

May God protect this brave bishop, since dissident groups are not afraid to challenge the natural law ordained by God Himself, they are less afraid of persecuting those who defend God's Law.

An Interview with the Most Rev. Samuel J. Aquila April 9, 2015

How does this narcissism, or faithlessness, play itself out in the life of the family?

By losing that sense of the other; there has been a removal, or stepping back, from commitment to family and instead an emphasis on materialistic or career success — basing one’s meaning, dignity, worth, and value on career, materialism, and success, and not on the gift of motherhood and fatherhood. The most joy-filled people I have ever seen are mothers as they gaze upon their newborn children. The happiness in mothers, the joy in mothers — it is an incredible gift, and certainly our culture today does not see it as much. The beautiful nature of woman is that she is the one who bears children, but the gift of children is seen more as a burden today than it is a gift.

Contraception is a real denial of that gift of motherhood and of the dignity of motherhood. In Humanae Vitae, Paul VI offered dire warnings about the use of birth control and its demeaning of women and their true womanhood. Contraception takes away from the mutual responsibility of man and woman; it undermines the recognition that the marital act not only communicates the love between husband and wife, but is also for procreation. That is why we have the discussion around civil unions and same-sex acts and everything else, because we do not look at what is the truth, the dignity, and the meaning of human sexual intimacy. Once you remove procreation from the equation, you can justify anything.

My hope is in the many faithful, young Catholic families I see. I have seen the joy in those couples, the real desire to give themselves to each other. They are not entering into marriage with rose-colored glasses; they know the ups and downs that they will experience in a lifelong commitment. They are deeply convinced of the truth of the teachings of the Church and of the three goods of marriage.

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