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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bergoglio mocks again the Cross of Christ

Posted by  Restore-DC-Catholicism 

Multiple Instances Of Cross Being Mocked

At the end of March, the pope is scheduled to visit Morocco.  The Vatican released the logo that was designed for this visit.  Ostensibly, the cross and crescent are drawn to symbolize their "unity".  Here it is.  Let's set aside for the moment the obvious fact that there can be no authentic unity between truth and falsehood.   Do the cross and crescent at least look like they are equal?  Absolutely not.  Clearly the crescent is depicted as surrounding the cross - the cross being surrounded by and subsumed into the crescent.

Just a coincidence?  Well, remember this?  That monstrosity is the logo for the 2019 World Youth Day.  So we see two Vatican-selected logos: one shows the cross being surrounded by the muslim crescent.  The other shows the cross being poisoned and/or devoured by a serpent.  These logos are both designed to demonstrate contempt for the One True Faith and Our Lord Himself.

After the Angelus on New Year's Day, the Pope did not bless the people.  He uttered the Old Testament part, but stopped short of the "in the name of.." part.  There was no sign of the Cross.  These incidents of downplaying the Cross are increasing.  Why?  Might 1 Corinthians 1:18 offer a clue? 

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