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Sunday, January 6, 2019

Homosexuality is responsible for sexual abuse not Catholic Church: Cardinal Brandmüller

Homosexual Serial predator McCarrick

Homosexual serial predator Jose Juan Pineda Fasquelle 

Homosexual Serial Predator Zanchetta

en.news The [artificial media] outrage about "clerical abuses" is hypocritical as the situation in the Church is not different from what happens in society, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller told DPA (January 4).

He stressed that abuses are not a Catholic phenomenon pointing out that 80 percent of the abuses are of homosexual - not of pedophile - nature.

The connection between abuse and homosexuality is “statistically proven”, Brandmüller added.

Dubia Cardinal: ‘Statistically proven’ that clerical sex abuse is linked to homosexuality

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