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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Vatican Media hide that Bergoglio refuses to genuflect after consecration

Vatican PR Team: Deliberate obfuscation from Louie Verrecchio on Vimeo.

Gloria.TV News
Even the Producer is Embarrassed About Pope Francis
Pope Francis visited on March 17 San Giovanni Rotondo, the place where Padre Pio spent most of his life and where he died. The Mass celebrated by Francis was transmitted on TV. But there was an odd thing: After the elevation, when Francis put the host back on the altar, the camera suddenly showed the faithful. The same thing happened after the consecration of the chalice. Obviously the producer was embarrassed to show that Francis does not genuflect in front of his Divine Master.

                            Non serviam.

Philippians 2:10-11

Catechism of S. Pius X
How do we fulfill the First Commandment?
We fulfill the First Commandment by the practice of internal and external worship.
What is internal worship?
Internal worship is the honor which is given to God with the faculties of the soul alone, that is with the intellect and the will.
What is external worship?
External worship is the homage that is given to God by means of outward acts and of sensible objects.
Is it not enough internally to adore God with the heart alone?
No, it is not enough internally to adore God with the heart alone; we must also adore Him externally with both soul and body, because He is the Creator and absolute Lord of both.
Can there be external worship without internal worship?
No, in no way can there be external worship without internal, because unless external worship is accompanied by internal, it is destitute of life, of merit, and of efficacy, like a body without a soul.

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  1. I as an OMI priest and catholic , like most catholics have a deep love and devotion to the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist
    I always knelt and genuflected and teach people to do so.
    However, there is a great suffering in my life, because of a certain condition, I am no longer able make a full genuflection and neither can I kneel for long. Hence, I am obliged to bow profoundly and force myself to kneel for the time Im able to do so. The people know and understand this and it is a sacrifice for me that I offer and do my best to adore the Lord.
    It is clear that our Holy Father, Pope Francis walks with a limp and suffers from sciatica and is no longer young.
    Before condemning the Pope have you considered that for serious reasons he is unable to kneel or to genuflect ?
    Im sure that the Holy Father does NOT REFUSE TO DO SO, BUT IS UNABLE TO DO SO.
    We must be careful not to misjudge our Pope and condemn him without proper knowledge.
    Think about it.
    Fr. Ronald Cairns. omi


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