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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Bergoglio's favorite ‘exorcist’ instead of expelling the demon induces diabolical possessions.

Bergoglio's argentine friend  promotes the cult of elves and occultism even though he claims to be a Lutheran “exorcist”

Professor Giuseppe Ferrari told the New York Times on April 19 that: “he hoped to invite the pope's preferred  exorcist, a Lutheran, to next year's conference”. 

Although Ferrari  does not mention the name. However, in March 2013 the Argentinean Popular Journal Diario Popular named Manuel Acuña as "Pope Francis' Favorite Exorcist".

Manuel Acuña instead of expelling the devil is promoting the diabolical possessions and diabolical infections. This Lutheran heretic, promotes the cult of elves and promotes  Liliana Chelli and Sandra Noval who practice occultism and witchcraft.

Liliana Chelli with Manuel Acuña

The occultist Liliana Chelli who teaches how to invoke goblins and witchcraft claims on Youtube that she is accredited by the Lutheran churchManuel Acuña gave her a certificate to be able to impart spiritual teachings.

Liliana Chelli  and Sandra Noval promoting the pagan cult to the elves

“If some of you don’t pray because you don’t believe or it goes against your conscience, please send positive vibes my way”

Manuel Acuña has several complaints on the Internet.

Manuel Acuña, claims to be a Lutheran. However, on the other hand he claims to have been ordained as a priest in 1996 by the ex-Catholic bishop Mgr. Jerónimo Podestá - who left the Catholic Church to live with a radical feminist -  at that time the bishop Podestá had been sanctioned by the  Catholic Church and suspended "a divinis" by the Holy See.

Manuel received priests who left the priesthood to get married.
Gastón Dedyn with Manuel Acuña

One commentator said about Manuel Acuña that: "He has active and openly homosexual "seminarians"


Bergoglio's favorite exorcist is a Lutheran 

en.news Professor Giuseppe Ferrari, an organizer of the annual “Course on Exorcism“ at the Roman University “Regina Apostolorum” which belongs to the Legionaries of Christ, told (the) New York Times (April 19) that for next year’s conference he wants to invite "the Pope’s preferred exorcist, a Lutheran”.
Ferrari does not mention his name.

However, in March 2013 the Argentinean Diario Popular named the flamboyant Lutheran preacher Manuel Acuña as “Pope Francis’ Favourite Exorcist”.

Acuña who calls himself a "bishop" and dresses up like a Catholic bishop, is a personal friend of Francis. He belongs to the "Charismatic Lutheran church of Argentina". In March 2015 he performed an "exorcism" of a 22-year-old woman in live broadcast. Debate.com.mx called this live show "sexy and unusual".

Bergoglio used to recommend Acuña as spiritual healer when someone showed signs of a diabolic possession. 

May the blood of Christ cover us, may Saint Michael Archangel defend us, may Saint Joseph assist us and may the Virgin Mary, the destroyer of heresy, help us.

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