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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Election of Francis Was Orchestrated

Francis Was Elected To Carry Out a Lutheran Reform

Monsignor Antonio Livi, a former dean and professor at the Lateran University in Rome, formerly incardinated in the Opus Dei, told Gloria.tv in an exclusive interview that Pope Francis was elected to carry out a – quote – “reform in the Lutheran sense”. According to Livi, in the new Lutheran church-to-come the pope, the bishops and the priests will not be anymore an expression of the sacred but of politics.

The Term “People” Is A Rhetorical Image

Monsignor Livi criticizes the term “people” which Pope Francis loves to apply to the Church. Livi points out that “people” is a mere rhetorical image. Quote, “The people is made up of a multitude of different persons, therefore nobody ever knows what ‘the people’ wants.” And, “There are those in the people who are full of faith like Padre Pio and those who have no faith at all.”

The Election of Francis Was Orchestrated

On the basis of many historical witnesses Monsignor Livi is -quote – “absolutely certain” that the election of Pope Francis was orchestrated. He also points out that it is absurd to claim that Francis is pope because the Holy Spirit wanted so. Quote, “The Holy Spirit inspires everybody so that they may do good, but not everybody who is inspired by the Holy Spirit, effectivly does good.”

Evil and Heretical Theologians Have Conquered the Power

Monsignor Livi points out that a known heretic like Cardinal Kasper was chosen by Pope Francis as the main inspirator for the Synod of the Family. For Livi this is an other indication that Francis’ election was a big set-up which will eventually lead to the recognition of Luther and to the creation of a Mass without consecration. According to Livi this revolution was already planned in the early sixties. The last fifty years were marked by the activity of -quote – “evil and heretical” theologians in order to conquer power. Quote, “Now they have conquered it.”

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