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Friday, March 22, 2019

Bergoglio supported gay adoptions in Argentina, and profaned the sacrament of baptism

Leonardo Boff: "Pope Francis is much more liberal than what is supposed." "A couple of months ago, for instance, he expressly approved that a homosexual couple adopt a child. He is in touch with priests who have been repudiated by the official church because they got married. 

The Diocese of Río Gallegos is now headed by the apostate priest who promotes sodomy and sacrilege, who was appointed by Bergoglio 

In Argentina Bergoglio supported gay adoptions and sacrilegiously relegated the sacrament of baptism to a gay right and criticized priests who opposed him 

Bergoglio in Argentina allowed gay adoptions and criticized priests who opposed the sacrilege of the sacrament of Baptism and he called ANIMALS to priests who do not baptize extramarital children.   When  Bergoglio allowed adoption by a gay couple in Argentina; he astutely used as an argument the promotion of baptism of children of single mothers to open the door to extramarital children to justify their support for gay adoptions. 

Infonews.com A few days  after this transvestite 'baptizes' their 'children' Bergoglio was tough with priests who do not baptize extramarital children. He complained against priests of the Diocese of San Isidro because neither Socorro Parish nor Pilar allowed the baptism. He also said we learn that  "in our ecclesiastical region there are Priests who will not baptize children…"  "These are the hypocrites of today those who use the Clericalism of the Church. Those who deviate people from the God of salvation," said the archbishop Bergolio in a pastoral meeting in the Universidad Católica Argentina. "With pain I say, and if it seems a complaint or offense, forgive me, but in our region's ecclesiastical priests who do not baptize the children of single mothers because they were not conceived in the sanctity of marriage," the Archbishop commented. "Say no to hypocrisy. Say no to the hypocrisy of clericalism. Say no to spiritual Worldliness. Because this demonstrates that one is a business instead of being either a man or woman of the gospel ", claimed Bergoglio.

The local Churches denied the baptism request because the  transvestite "actress" 'Florence Trinidad' was not baptized as a woman, but as a man and his name was Roberto Carlos Trinidad. One of the requirements of the churches was that the parents of children need to be baptized.
This transvestite who is not the biological father of the twins manufactured in the laboratory with the purchase of an ovule and with a surrogate mother appears as a mother in the fraudulent document of baptism with the complicity and support of the apostate Jorge Bergoglio.

Bergoglio referred to the homosexual transvestite Roberto Trinidad  as a woman because he was one of the pioneers who managed to get the corrupt government of Argentina to legally change his masculine identity for a new pseudo female identity, even though he keeps his male genitals only because he dresses like a woman and has breast implants.

    La Nación: "la Iglesia (El Cardenal Jorge Bergoglio en Argentina) ya había concedido el bautismo a los mellizos de la popular actriz transexual Florencia de la V y su esposo, siendo ella la primera persona que se acogió a la ley de identidad de género que le otorgó documentos como mujer."

Francis interview book with Dominique Wolton said that he allows homosexual 'civil union' & to the question: "What is the main sin? his answer was: 'Everything that is below the waist is the least of it, and if a priest asks you why, with whom ?, or how? ... take that priest to a psychologist' "

Bergoglio promotes a gay NGO of Transvestites activists that operates in a Catholic monastery in Neuquén-Argentina, that promote gender ideology.

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